Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Projects /Goals Completed


End of the month and time for a roundup of what I actually accomplished this month. While only a few things were actually completely finished (many will be finished this month), I am very happy with what was done. Most are and were listed as being carried over into the month of May. Lots will be completed next month.

1.  Copy 14 tried and true recipes and get them in the album. Done

2.  Work on cross stitch. Worked on those sunny days.

3.  Sew shorts. Done

4.  Sew top. Done

5.  Cut out a summer tank dress. Done

6.  Quilt the baby quilt. Done

7.  Start knit tank top. Done and finished, just needs a bit of blocking.

8.  Shred papers. Done

9.  Make an appointment with my prayer partner. Done and set up meetings until this summer

10. Go to the accountant. Done

11. Transfer fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobes. Done

I worked on our budget entries today and we were actually under budget for the month. Even with the extra items I bought (sandwich meat, pork loin) we were under budget for our groceries. Got to love that. 

I have picked my frugal habit for this upcoming month. I know I have talked about using appliances more to do our daily cooking, and in looking at our menus for this month I should be able to use my various appliances most days. I am even thinking of using the electric roaster for a few of our Sunday roast meals. In order to see if this will save us money on electric in the long run, I will have to continue to do this for about three months. Still, with BBQ season things might not be so hard to handle.

I did have a bit of trouble remembering the water saving some days. Hopefully I can keep working on this while adding the next.

Today has been rainy, which will fill our rain barrel and now Harvey does not have to water the areas out front that he planted new grass in. He will not have to water the corn seeds he planted, or the potatoes and radishes either. 

Here are my goals and plans for next month.

1.  Work on cross stitch angel.

2. Copy 14 recipes from those we have tried and loved.

3.  Finish binding on baby quilt.

4.  Sew sun dress.

5.  Cut out purses (can't find anything I really like so will try to make a couple of my own).

6.  Plant perennial bulbs.

7.  Hem and hang curtains. Actually pretty much done.

8.  Make another quilt flimsy. 

9.  Cut and sew infinity scarves for silent auction.10. Sew purses.

11.  Wash winter coats.

12.  Plant outside flowers, herbs and veggies.

13.  Try and use appliances for cooking much more than I do.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. It looks like you have had a very succesful month Jackie. I think I should write myself a list like yours as I feel as though I don't achieve much but when you do write it down, you can see that it is really quite alot. xx

  2. You're doing awesome with your monthly goals!

  3. You have accomplished so much! I'm looking forward to being settled here and able to do more creative activities. I have managed to knit one mitten and start another. :p
    Using the appliances is a good idea. My daughter uses her air fryer almost daily, and we've been able to BBQ twice in the past two weeks. Nothing beats the first BBQ hamburger fresh off the grill.

  4. You did actually get a lot done, by the looks of things. Making goals for each month is a very good idea.

  5. Another good long list. I'm sure you'll smash it.