Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Tuesday Tidbits


We have had a very lovely day. So hope that this weather continues as it could mean setting up our outdoor furniture can take place very, very soon. It could also mean that we can do some spring clean up in the yard. It definitely needs it, lots of small sticks down from our windy weather. 

I promised you some pictures of what I managed to get done project wise. Of course I also need to catch you all up on my projects/goals for this month as well.

One of the two lapghans I made. The other is a light blue.

Two Rhubarb sponge pies to have over the Easter holiday.

The start of the first tank top. I am up to the arm holes now on the back.

The shorts and matching top I had cut out.

The sandwiched baby quilt.

Even though I did not get much done on the cross stitch, I thought I should have a picture for comparison over the next months.

I didn't get pictures of the recipe cards but I did get 14 more of the recipes we love done. 

1.  Copy 14 tried and true recipes and get them in the album.

2.  Work on cross stitch.

3.  Sew shorts.

4.  Sew top.

5.  Cut out a summer tank dress.

6.  Quilt the baby quilt.

7.  Start knit tank top.

8.  Shred papers.

9.  Make an appointment with my prayer partner.

10. Go to the accountant.

11. Transfer fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobes.

As you can see some are very simple and will only take a short time. Others of course will take a bit longer. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get through them all again this month.

I should probably add clean up the yard and set up the outdoor furniture. Yet I am worried that we could in fact get more snow and that could cause problems with the furniture.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Nice projects. Each item off the list is one done - it doesn't matter simple or not. Nice!

  2. I fully expect we'll see snow flurries before April is over. But I'll take the lovely weather we're getting for the next week or so. Moving day for me is April 11 and April 12 for my daughter. The forecast looks quite good for both days. Fingers crossed it is correct.

  3. I love your goals. They are positive and achievable and very useful. Good for you! xx

  4. I like the way you plan all of your projects each month.

  5. We are having a blizzard here. I don't think I will see my deck furniture go out until May if I am lucky.

  6. You certainly have achieved a lot, well done!

  7. Great progress on all of your projects! (Hawaii Planner)