Saturday, April 13, 2024

Simpler Living


So I finished the chapter on simplifying your kitchen. I really enjoyed this chapter and am happy to say I actually do most of what is recommended. However my kitchen counter space is pretty cluttered as well as some of my drawers. I think I need to work on getting those areas cleared. I really am surprised by the thought that one does not need a junk drawer... Definitely something new to me. 

Here are some of the ideas they figure are the best to simplify your kitchen. 

1.  Store those ingredients and cookware that are used most so that they are close at hand.

2.  Buy the best cookware you can. It will last longer and save you money as well as cook more evenly.

3.  Since lids and pots are hard to stack, store all the lids together in another spot. Close to the pots if possible.

4.  Be selfish. If you spend the most time in the kitchen than anyone else, arrange everything the way you would like it.

5.  Arrange appliances in a triangle for the utmost efficiency when making meals. 

6.  Throw out leftovers after 7 days.

The next chapter is Living Rooms and Dining Rooms, Make these Living Areas Worry-Free, Relaxing Refuges. Should be very interesting.

There are a few other hints I already follow and those are store foils, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and other such items in a drawer. I also store my tablecloths and such in the linen closets as the book recommends. The author also says to clear off as much of the counter top as possible. The last is something I really need to work on. I usually say that is a work in progress. I also need to rethink my junk drawer (which really isn't a true junk drawer).

Hubby and I started to set up the deck today. I love having an outdoor living space and am trying to figure out ways to use that space even more this summer. While out there we were graced to see 5 Vultures flying over the area. Pictures to come tomorrow. I am always amazed at how wide their wing span is.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. As long as you are interested, you will learn something! 😉

  2. Something I do with tablecloths (not that I have more than two!)...mount a wooden rod on the back of a closet door and hang the cloth on that. Usually the back of the closet door isn't used for anything and it gets the tablecloths (or blankets if you choose) out of the linen closet.
    We live in an area where vultures congregate for several days every spring and fall and they float over the river just outside our apartment building. Beautiful to see in flight! There's always a couple pairs that stick around throughout the summer.

  3. I got rid of my junk drawers a few years ago. With limited storage it didn’t make any sense. We don’t miss it. It was a catch all. Now we’ve trained ourselves to put things in their proper place. No more junk drawers!!!

  4. I take exception to 6. What about the freezer? :-)

    I deliberately bought pots and bans that are designed to fit together with handles that detach. They save so much space. Tefal Ingenio - not sure you can get them your way though.
    I tried not to have a junk drawer but the 'junk' just cluttered up other drawers instead. How about calling it a bits and bobs drawer instead? :-) xx

  5. We all need a junk drawer, a place to pop that 'something' we don't want to chuck out, mine is in our office as I don't have many drawers in the kitchen. The best thing we did was create a herb and spice drawer next to the cooker, it's so handy.

  6. What book is it your reading sounds like something I need. Heather

  7. I've only seen vultures when we were abroad. They have such a huge wingspan , amazing birds.

  8. I suspect you have a miscellaneous drawer instead of a junk drawer😁 Ours hold the little things used downstairs if not in the kitchen. Scissors, tape, paper lips and binder clips, frig magnets, post its and so on. Much more convenient than going upstairs to the office.

  9. Good job on simplifying. Have you read Rhonda hetzel's books?. She writes about simple living and lots of other stuff. I enjoy her blog a lot.

  10. What? We don't need a junk drawer? LOL - this girl do!!!!!!
    I store my pots and pans together - lids upside down on the appropriate pot - then stack them. It works good for me and they are always together and stack nicely.
    My kitchen is so small that everything IS close to where it is used!

  11. I thought everybody had a junk drawer - don't they?! Fancy seeing vultures - one of the advantages of living where you do, I guess. I've only ever seen one in a zoo.

  12. Your book sounds like it has some useful suggestions.

  13. There was room for a junk drawer in the old house, but not in my son's house so I had to get creative in putting things away.
    In this house my daughter has a junk drawer but it is mostly electronic cables, blocks, etc.
    I don't believe I've ever seen a vulture.