Saturday, April 20, 2024

Saturday Roundup


Well after fooling around and finally re-starting my computer I can finally post again. However finding my heading photos takes me a bit longer. They are no longer where I expect them to be located. This means a bit of searching on my part.

I have been spring cleaning and today managed to get the 4th area of the house finished. Well almost finished as the curtains are still drying and I need to cut them down. Pretty sure there will be enough fabric cut off to make curtains for the hall window. I may have to add a rod pocket of a different colour, but I am sure I can find something that will work in my stash. 

I used up the leftover broccoli making soup yesterday, and today I used the woody stems of asparagus to make Cream of Asparagus soup. I had to substitute for the cream, but it still smelled and tasted wonderful. Two new soups will be in the freezer.

I am really trying to get meals ahead so those nights I just feel unable to cook, I can pull something ready made out. 

The hand quilting will be completed tonight and I will be able to spend time knitting. 

I have started planning a few projects for next month. Hopefully most will be started and finished before planting season begins. I haven't read the next section of my Simpler Living book and will do so at some point tomorrow, before I try and tidy/declutter/simplify my living room on Monday.

The next week will be a bit of a spendy week. Bills, travel, grocery shopping, haircuts, and eye appointment. I think I will get our allowances a bit early and just hold on to them until the end of the month.

Talked with my youngest brother today and he is down to only two pairs of pants, a couple of shirts, and is in desperate need of socks and underwear. I told him to find out what size he wears and will try and pick up a few things for him that he really needs. Pretty sure Harvey will agree that this is very important. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. I hope this posts.

God bless.


  1. Glad you're able to post again. Sorry about the header issues. Is there a shrink to fit option? I find that often works when I post my cartoons on the sidebar.

    Love that the fourth area is just about done and dusted. Congrats.

    Yes, same here on the get ahead of the meals. Some dears we're both too tired to bother making anything. Soup sounds perfect.

    Very cool that you're gonna help your brother. I found some good deals for those sorts of things at Target. Shipping free with thirty-five dollar order.

    Wishing you a great rest of the weekend.

  2. Your soups sound so wonderful Jackie. I like to have things like this in the freezer too. We have had a spendy week here with a big grocery shop & extras for the Grandsons who have been staying over the school holidays. It can be costly sometimes. I hope you manage to find some things for your brother. xx

  3. A productive Saturday. The soups sound wonderful. I should make mt broccoli cheddar soon but need to stock up on my cream first. No room in my fridge freezer so i eat some daily until it is gone.

  4. That is very thoughtful of you to help your brother with his needs.

  5. Sometimes, one can't avoid spending money. This move has been such an occasion.
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Well done getting the Spring cleaning done. I'm struggling to even get started.

  7. Mmmm the soups sound wonderful. So nice to help your brother out. You sure have been making great strides on your plans.

  8. I've noticed glitches on the computer over the past couple of days too so there must be 'something in the air'. Yesterday I was merrily scanning items to add to my Ancestry files and suddenly the system I was using simply would not work. It said that I'd saved photos to my computer but where they went is anybody's guess.

  9. That’s so nice of you to help out your brother!