Saturday, April 6, 2024

Saturday Roundup


I have completed a couple of goals this week. I finished sewing my shorts (picture to come on the 15th), moved my wardrobe around, decluttered some, copied out the recipes we really liked, found some recipes in my folder to try this month, and made my appointment with my prayer partner. 

Tomorrow after Mass I will probably shred paperwork, and start on the matching top to the shorts. 

Of course the evenings will be spent knitting. Now I am working on the front of my knitted tank. 

I finished the chapter in my Simpler Living book. This chapter was more focused on what a person who works can do to simplify their lives. 

There was one section that could call to all of us though. That was to do with shopping. The author said one should always ask these questions.

1. Do I really need this object?

2. Will this make a difference in my life?

3. Will it pay for itself shortly?

4. What are my options?

The other suggestion that made a great deal of sense to me was to recruit some allies to help you with your quest.

The next chapter is entitled "Cooking Up Solutions, If You Can't Stand The Clutter Simplify Your Kitchen." Now that should be an interesting chapter.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. That book sounds fascinating Jackie. I look forward to your thoughts on the Kitchen chapter. My hubby always says to me "is it a want or a need" when I say I am going to purchase something. Its both I usually tell him!! Enjoy your day Jackie xx

  2. That kitchen chapter sounds very interesting.

  3. Your book does sound interesting. When I was working, I would sometimes go shopping as a form of entertainment. Since I've retired, I still shop but almost always at the thrift store - my last trip, the only item I bought that wasn't entirely useful was the pretty pottery vase. I know I'll use it someday and if not, I'll donate it back to the store.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!