Thursday, April 25, 2024

Thrifty and Frugal Thursdays

 Thrifty and Frugal 

As the weeks speed by, I am finding things are starting to get away from me. I haven't done any spring cleaning in about 3 days and I still have lots left to do. 

Frugally, I am spending money to save money. 

On our way home from Regina, we stopped in Weyburn at the Great Canadian Warehouse. 

There I bought (I should say we bought) a very large bag of sliced Black Forest Ham for $12.29 and today I packaged it up into 5 large packages of sandwich meat. One is in the fridge and the others are in the freezer. To buy them in the store would be $10.00 each on sale so a savings there of $37.71.

Also a bag of dried pork ribs found its way into our arms. The cost was $10.00, but we should get at least 3 meals for each of us from the bag.

The chicken breast did cost a bit more than what I can remember it cost before at $27.77. We should get at least 10 bags of sliced sandwich meat from it though and at the sale price of $10.00 a package we should be able to see a savings of $72.23. 

I grabbed a large pork loin which cost $31.18. Cut into 3 large pork roasts. So just a bit over $10.00 a roast. When I looked today an even smaller pork loin roast cost $15.00 (was just over 2 pounds). These three roasts will make many a meal for us from the leftovers. So hard to figure out what we saved, but going with the price of pork loin in our grocery here in town I saved about $25.00 for the size of the roasts I got.

Thrifty wise it was mostly a clean out the crispers, fridge and freezer week. 

I used up the carrots and potatoes making our Sunday meal. Used up the onions in the soups I made at the beginning of the week. 

Broth and leftover chicken is being used today to make Chicken Rice Soup (and there will be enough leftover to add to my soup selection that I have frozen). 

I made a homemade pizza on Monday, which we finished yesterday when we arrived home. Just had to warm it up.

The broccoli in the crisper, and the woody ends of asparagus was made into soups for the freezer. 

I hemmed a pair of my pants that were coming down. Then fixed the seam in one of Harvey's pajama bottoms.

Since I just can not find a purse that suits me, and the one I have is on it's last legs, I pulled a pattern from my stash to make myself a couple. Pretty sure I can find fabric in my stash to make something I will be happy to use.

Got some free annual plants from Kris that he had started from seed. Lots of flowers, and of course my eggplants.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. Going to try and catch up with all of you as Blogging on my phone leaves a great deal to be desired, and when we got home yesterday I was just exhausted. 

God bless.


  1. Sounds like you had some wonderful savings on meat! That is great. I like that you decided to just make a purse - pretty neat.

  2. You did very well on your shop on the way home. I'm finding prices here in this small town are quite a bit higher than I'm used to. But, between the Independent Grocery and the Co-op, there are enough good sale items that we're getting what we need to eat, even if it isn't always what we will prefer.

  3. Looks like you snagged good deals. That's the best. I love cleaning out the fridge. It makes me happy! Then when I go out for food, I know what I do and don't have room for. It's the best. Cheers, Ivy.

  4. You really put me to shame with your excellent planning of meals. Of course, not having a freezer doesn't help me.

  5. Sounds like a great week for you, Jackie. I love using up all those little bits left over and getting them used up. Bailey had two different containers for leftovers for her lunch today and I was happy to get those out of the refrigerator.

  6. What fantastic savings you made, and it all sounded very tasty, and love the idea of making your own purse too.

  7. Always enjoy these posts as you know Jackie. That sounds like a great place to shop and stock up.

  8. You sound like you made some great savings on the meat. Well done. Definitely worth spending money to save so much money.

  9. Years ago a friend I had at the time had a family of 5 and she shared that when it came to purchasing meat she divided the cost by the number of servings to see if the price was reasonable. We have tried to do that ever since, although it used to be we could get away with under $2 per serving for most things but now it's closer to $3 and if the prices continue to rise it will no doubt go up to $4.