Sunday, April 28, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


It wasn't as warm today as it has been, and the wind made it feel even colder. Still the sun was shining and that is a good thing (as Martha would say). 

Went to Mass today and by the end my back was beginning to bother me. I am really thinking a pillow for my back would be just lovely. 

I have discovered that if my back is bothering me I can not understand Father as my concentration is somewhere else. Pretty sure his sermon was on how we can never really cut ourselves off from God or Christ, but don't question me too hard on that.

Once home Harvey made us brunch and now even though it is only a couple of hours away from supper, I am really not that hungry. I have a feeling there will be lots leftover and I will end up changing my menus once again to use all up.

As my back was still slightly sore (well a bit more than slightly actually) we decided to leave the digging up of the Monkshood until tomorrow. 

I will need to fill the hole with some soil and then hopefully get my bulbs planted. Pretty sure there will be a few leftover to hand on to Kris for his gardens. Trying to help him out as much as is possible without handing him money. Decluttering our house to give him items he can use in his relatively new home and making up care packages is one way. 

I have also decided that both Kurt and Kris will get gift baskets at Christmas. Those will contain some made items and bought items that they need. They get to keep the baskets as well for storage. Thinking that this year those baskets will be storage totes. Both of them can use the extra storage containers. Kurt for school curriculum (his home office is a mess) and Kris to get some items out of the moving boxes he still has downstairs.

Off to visit you all and then start supper which will be very light really.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I understand that because it can be difficult to concentrate when in pain. Sorry you hurt. Hope you have time to heal prior to digging holes. Cheers, lvy.

  2. Wow! Christmas planning already! You are organized!

  3. The gift baskets for your sons sound like a really good idea. I'm sure they'll love them.

  4. Oh yes, a pillow is perfect to fit in the small of your back to alleviate back pain. I do that on a regular basis.

  5. Your idea of gift baskets sounds like a great idea.
    Do try the small pillow on the pew - it seems a shame to come home from church hurting so much that it interferes with your home life.

  6. A pillow would no doubt be helpful for your back and maybe consider wearing a wrap-around back support too. Resident Chef has one that he wears in the kitchen when he's going to be on his feet for awhile and he finds it really helps.

  7. A back support pillow would help I’m sure.
    I’ve sat in church at times with pain that has distracted me.