Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sunday Ramblings


Another sunny and warm day here on the old Homestead. A few plants are starting to poke their way through the warming ground. Still I think there will be some replacements happening this year. Too many of my perennials just are not growing as well as they used to. 

I picked up all the twigs in the front yard, as well as more stones. Harvey cut and dethatched it and hopefully tomorrow it will be raked and the bare spots re-seeded. This doing or should I say re-doing of the front lawn is a yearly project for him. One of these days, perhaps, we will make the front yard mostly gravel with some pots or a small drought resistant group of plantings. Things are just getting much too hot and dry here in the summer, and if the rains or snow pack does not come pretty sure we will become a desert or arid area. 

I decided to take a look in my so-called "junk" drawer today. It does not really contain junk as I have cookie cutters, meat thermometers, canning jar lids and rings, a tea ball, cake lifter, and tiny metal tart shells in there. Oh, yeah there is also a screwdriver. All things that I use, but use less often than other items. Still I am pretty sure that next week I will do a bit of a declutter in some of the kitchen drawers. Pretty sure there are a few items that can be donated hidden in the far reaches of some of those drawers. My cupboards at one end could use a clear out as well. Spice jars need refilling, and some of my herbs will need to be refilled as well. 

Times are changing and as we age things need to be pared down and either used or sold/donated. I want to get a bit more self-sufficient and by doing so hopefully find life a bit simpler. I want to do more batch cooking, clearing up time to do those things we enjoy. I want to make our back yard (those across the pond would call the area a garden) a peaceful refuge and an oasis from the complex world we seem to be living in. 

Off to get the potatoes and carrots peeled and in the roaster.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Having an outdoor space in which you can relax, really does make a big difference. I look forward to our back garden becoming our own little oasis eventually, as it's never really been that most of the time we've lived here.

  2. Our 'junk' drawer is similar. It's very small so holds batteries, bread clips, twist ties and the odd wine bottle stopper! :)

  3. I'm sure there are things in our kitchen that could be donated (or simply tossed) but the kitchen is RC's domain and there's no way I'd set foot in there to rearrange anything.