Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Another Snow Day

It has been snowing all day again today. Our road is getting a beating from the large snow laden trucks that are using it, and the ruts are getting almost too much to drive through. I do hope the city clears it soon, but as we are not a priority road it could be awhile yet.
This is some of the work happening on our main street. It should be pretty much done by now. Mind you with the fresh snow we have gotten today this could and probably will start all over again.
I did some work on cleaning the shelves in one of the bedrooms and many craft items that I had been saving have been put in the donation bag. We even found a few items to take with us for the silent auction we always have at our family reunion. I believe we will even find a few more before July.

Time was spent sewing today and I even managed to finish one. Tomorrow, one more will be completed for sure and perhaps a second one started. This would enable me to cross a few more items off my goal list. I found some lovely grey knit in my stash of fabrics and it is a toss up on what to make. I would love a dress, but perhaps a skirt would be better as I am losing weight slowly but surely. A skirt would be easier to refashion once I lose even more (at least I think so). Mind you a loose fitting dress hides a multitude of sins (all my lumps and bumps) and since this is a knit it should drape wonderfully.

Talked to Kris tonight and he will be coming home in about 2 weeks I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates. His coming home will remove even more from my fridge freezer, all those tin foil meals take up lots of room. Room that I could use in other ways. Kris informed me that it is supposed to dip to -40 in Regina tonight. Brrrrr.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Oh that firs look cold. I hope the weather is kind and you get to see Kris.

  2. Fingers crossed he gets home and has a hearty appetite! x