Monday, February 4, 2019

Menu Monday

Good morning to the first full week in the month. 

I have been inspired by Sue's Challenge pages into using up what is in my freezer this week. Hopefully I will have as much success as she does. I need to take a before picture of it right now.
Not the best of pictures, but it does give you an idea of the mess those drawers are in.

I hope to have a bit more control over them by the end of the week.

Here are the weeks menus.


Leftover ham made into ham and scalloped potato casserole. Served with a tossed salad.


Leftover pork roast once again made into a casserole and served with the leftover salad.


Clean out the fridge night.


Soup and sandwich night. I need to pull out some of the frozen cheese and make some grilled cheese sandwiches here.


Pancakes. The old breakfast for dinner thing.


We will have our roast meal tonight instead of Sunday. Think it will be roast beef. Served with potatoes, and carrots as well as a pie of some type.


Leftover chicken warmed up and served with the leftover potatoes and carrots from last night.

This will clear out a bit of those overloaded drawers. At least I hope it will.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. It all sounds delicious. It's quite cathartic having a good clear out and use up.

  2. Right, for a change I'll have the ham and potato casserole. Perhaps you could post how you make these casseroles with leftover meat please.

    1. Sure I will do that tomorrow Mom.

      God bless.

  3. I call using what's in the freezer shopping at home. I've used the leftover turkey and ham from the holiday awa some casseroles that were languishing in the freezer. I think there's only one lazy beet leaf holupchi casserole left to use up. I'm working on the turkey broth. This week it was used to make pickle soup, which is really potato soup with pickles & pickle juice. My granddaughters loved it. Also on the menu - cheesy corn risotto & stuffed meatloaf; chicken parmesan or artichoke chicken with pasta.

  4. I just can never get ahead of using things from my seems, since I am cooking for one now, I add to my freezer faster than I can take something out