Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday Tidbits

As others have said, this month whizzed right by on silent wings. 

We had the coldest month of February in 95 years and so much was spent inside. There were very few days one could venture out without being worried about frost bite. 

The last two days have not been too bad and I have managed (with help from my walking poles) to venture out for a walk to collect the mail. We are trying to get all the forms for our taxes, but the bank seems to be a bit slow on sending them all out. Hopefully by the end of next week we will be able to bundle everything up to take to the accountant.

My fridge freezer using up challenge went very well (pictures to come on Saturday). There are still a few things that need to be used, but I am very happy with how much was used to make us some new and interesting meals. I must think of another challenge for this month.

I will also update all of you on the goals that I actually got finished this month. Of course, as is usual a few will be moved to next month. 

1.  Work on temperature blanket every day.  I have done this every morning. Two months down and ten more to go.
2.  Sew winter clothing.  Done
3.  Work on our quilt.  There has been very few days I haven't worked on the quilt. Still have lots to do so will move this to next month.
4.  Try for 5 meatless meals this month.  Done
5.  Finish embroidery project.  Nope, didn't even look at the project. Moved to next month.
6.  Knit one prayer shawl.  Done
7.  Sew three infinity scarves.  Done
8.  Continue with decluttering.  Done and managed to bring the total leaving the house to 89 items.
9.  Knit one cardigan or vest for me.  This would have been done but I didn't like the knitted fabric, no drape. I ripped it out and started a new pattern.
10.  Sew two large pillow cases.  Done
11.  Make Soup bowl cozies. Done.

I will list my goals for next month tomorrow. I do have them planned.
The budget was entered today and the filing of all paper work for the month. I was quite happy to see that we were under total budget for the month and my grocery shopping was one of the under budget items. I hope to cut this by a bit more next month as well. I have a feeling April or May will entail a big stock up shop for meats, bulk shopping for canned goods, and hobby supplies for the two of us.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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