Monday, February 25, 2019

Menu Monday

Wow the end of the month already. Sure has gone by quickly, considering our temperatures have constantly been below -30 C with wind chills in the -40 C's (means exposed skin can freeze in minutes) and getting outside at all has been a chore in and of itself.

I do hope March starts off a bit nicer.


Clean out the fridge night. This means using up the baked spaghetti from a couple of nights ago. We will also try and finish up the coleslaw.


Leftover chicken made into some kind of casserole. I would love to make some mini chicken pot pies, but Harvey hates pot pies of any kind. Need to use up some potatoes as well.


Pork chops, rice and mixed veggies. Maybe another salad, kale this time.


Soup and sandwiches. I may just open a can or two of vegetable soup (we have some that are more than likely getting near the best before date) and serve it with tuna salad sandwiches.

Friday (and the beginning of a new month)

Salmon casserole or patties. If patties I will use up the leftover rice and have some salad to go along.


Smoked sausages, baked beans, and green beans from the freezer.


Beef roast, roasted potatoes and carrots. I think a salad would be nice as well.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. A lovely varied menu as always. I hope the new month sees the start of warmer weather for you.

  2. I'm on a diet so just the salmon for me please.

  3. February has certainly tested the mettle of the prairie people. Here in NE Alberta, there have been few mornings that the temp has been warmer than -30C. Again this morning. I have to quit looking at the thermometer and cussing. Cooking this week: pan-seared scallops with salad; corned beef/hashbrowns frittata; shepherd's pie. A friend is coming for lunch on Thurs; I think I'll serve kale/bean soup with bruschetta. And it's time to restock the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in the freezer.