Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday Roundup

The day started out as cold as the rest of the week has been. The sun was shining however and the temperature was rising nicely. I even managed to get out for another short walk this afternoon. Fresh air always makes me feel a bit better.

Tomorrow is supposed to be colder in the morning with a bit of a warm up by the time the afternoon rolls around. Keeping my fingers crossed that this weather will turn around very soon.

This week I have been busy knitting, sewing, baking and looking up new recipes to try. The new recipe search is so that I can use up more of those bags of frozen cooked meat that stare at me when I open the fridge freezer.

Today I used up a bag of turkey from Christmas!!! The recipe was a new one and while okay, it really needs something more to set it off. There is enough leftover for us to have for our supper on Monday (perhaps some hot sauce to make it a bit spicier the next go round).

I used up the phyllo pastry making these yesterday.

I found a recipe online that used phyllo pastry to make apple strudel. This enabled me to use up a container of homemade apple pie filling as well. Surprisingly it tastes very nice and according to what I read is a bit healthier than the usual puff pastry.

I also finally managed to get these made.

Soup bowl cozies just for us instead of for a gift. 

As I said this was going to be the week that I managed to get some sewing accomplished.

Just the first of what I hope will be three tunics finished by mid week. Believe it or not this knit fabric is black and not grey.

Hope to have more photos of finished goals by the middle of next week. I just love crossing things off lists!!

I seem to have lost my blog list and so far can't get it back. This will be a work in progress, so leave a comment so I can get you back on once I figure out why it isn't working any longer.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I love the soup bowl cosy's what a great idea. The tunic looks warm and cosy too.

  2. I love your new tunic! What pattern did you use? I really like the cowl neck. Your apple strudels look delicious too.

    1. It is a See and Sew pattern and one I am sure to use again. It is supposed to be done with sweater knit, but I have another fabric that has the same amount of stretch that I want to try.

      God bless.