Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday Roundup

The days have been blurring one into another. The weather forecast has changed once again. The warm up we were supposed to have been getting is no longer. In fact tonight is supposed to be even colder. I sure hope that my new trees weather the cold. 

I spend my days walking on the treadmill and the afternoons working madly on hand quilting. The evenings are spent mostly knitting. The same projects every day. I am getting slightly bored, but am determined to finish these up so I can move on to something more exciting for me. 

Harvey did have something exciting happen to him this week. He usually takes a drive to the dam near us and looks to see if there is anyone ice fishing he can shoot the breeze with (don't blame him in the least as I am pretty boring right now).

This week as he traveled the road he noticed a young man walking up said road. This young man was not dressed for a Saskatchewan winter at all, no gloves, or hat or even decent coat. Harvey stopped and even then the young man was going to walk on past. So down came the window and Harvey posed the question, "Do you need some help?" 

Turns out the car the young man was driving in had hit the ditch and was stuck. Harvey told him to hop in the truck and he would see what he could do to help (he always carries chains and ropes for towing in his vehicle).

Sure enough there was the young mans car in the ditch a ways down the road. Chains were attached and the vehicle rescued from the ditch. 

After profuse thanks from both the young man and his wife for "Saving their lives." Harvey found out a few things.

Turns out these were refugees from the Middle East and they were not at all ready for winter driving in Saskatchewan. At one point Harvey said that he thought he would never get his hand back as they were so happy someone stopped to help them. Makes one wonder how many cars or trucks drove by.

Harvey is still angry with himself that he didn't tell them the first rule of winter driving when one hits the ditch and that is if you are not dressed for the weather stay with your vehicle. However, he was happy to be able to get the two out of their predicament. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Thank goodness your husband stopped and was able to help, the story could have had a bad ending otherwise.
    Sorry to hear you have cold weather coming back, we have spring a bit too early here and it could well turn cold again and catch us out later

  2. So glad he was able to help the couple. Hopefully, they were able to get warmer clothing....

  3. A wonderful good deed for the day.