Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Thrifty Tuesday

It doesn't look as if we will be getting a break from this cold weather for awhile and what is strange is we are getting snow at the same time.

As far as thrifty moves this past week the biggest one is not going out and spending. When we have spent I noticed that it was sticking to the list and getting in and out of the shops quickly.

I have also been continuing my sewing spree. Using up fabric I already have is keeping me busy inside and is a thrifty move to replenish my wardrobe (pictures coming soon).

We had a bit of a scare with Harvey's truck. He couldn't get it started and the tickle charger (which happens to be 37 years old) just wasn't cutting it any longer. So he went to Canadian Tire and got a new charger (on sale) and that worked a treat. Harvey had thought it might be the starter which would have cost more to fix. This charger does way more than charge a car battery. A person can use it to run an emergency light, charge a tablet or phone, and even inflate a tire. 

The fridge freezer is slowly emptying, which is a very good thing. That means I can start on one of the freezers in the basement very soon. Stocking up is great, I just let things get out of hand. Trying the shop at home first plan.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I just cleaned out fridge freezer and the big freezer in the garage. Had to discard some...I don't like anything over a year...and prefer to have it frozen for only about 6 months. Anyway, both freezers are almost empty, clean and waiting for more goodies...

  2. I hear you about this weather. There was a snow storm a week ago Fri followed by temps of -30-40C ever since. It's oppressive. Like you say, it's easy to curb spending when I stay home. I'm sure the natural gas & power bill will make up for the reduced spending when all is said and done. i know about trickle chargers. I just had one installed on my vehicle. A well-stocked pantry & freezer comes in handy at times like this. I think I'll make a pot of kale/lentil soup this morning.