Monday, February 11, 2019

Menu Monday

A new week of menus coming right up.


This was supposed to be a meatless meal, however we need to eat the leftover chicken from Saturday. I will be serving this with a salad. (Probably kale)


There is a bag of leftover roast beef languishing in the freezer. This will be used to make a casserole from. 


Leftover roast pork used in a casserole and served with the remaining salad. I will actually have two bits of leftover salad. Tossed for Hubby and the kale for me.


Clean out the fridge night. We will pick one of the casseroles and finish it off (more than likely the beef). The remaining casserole will be frozen for youngest DS to take back with him if he manages to get home this weekend.


Soup and sandwiches. Thinking I will use the last of the tomato soup in the freezer and serve with some grilled cheese sandwiches (or perhaps grilled swiss cheese sandwiches).


Hot dogs, homemade fries, and coleslaw.


I am going to pull out a few bags of leftover ham and warm them up. Served with rice, mixed veggies and more coleslaw.

Slowly but surely I am getting my sidebar of blogs I visit back together. I am still searching for a few English bloggers and one Aussie blog by Maria I will hopefully have everyone back up and easy to get to.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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