Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Days Running Into Days

 The days really seem to be running away from me. The garden is harvested and I have slowly been emptying my flower baskets and boxes. I can not do many at a time as we only have one garbage container and there must be room for other detritus as well as garden.

Froze more tomatoes and Harvey now wants to make ketchup. He can do that as it will give him something to do. I think I will end up giggling as I watch him try to remove tomato skins, and get rid of the seeds. I will have to buy a bigger pot though so that is being put on my shopping list. It has to be made from a non reactive metal...perhaps my enamel blancher would work?

I think I am becoming a bit depressed over what has been happening over the last while. Not being able to take a holiday away weighs on my mental well being. Sure having a daily walk is good, but soon we will have snow and ice and walking will be a bit dangerous for me. I am always afraid I will slip, fall and break something else. Osteoporosis is not something I would wish on anyone and something I never thought I would have to worry about. I could be fighting Harvey for his Happy Light this winter.

The other thing that is weighing on my mind is the fact that I don't think I have enough of my big chores completed and I could be getting a phone call about surgery at any time now. I wanted to get the insides of my cupboards cleaned and straightened and instead I have procrastinated and they still are not done. I would say perhaps next week, but I think I would be fooling myself. I know with age it is going to be a longer recuperation time and that kind of scares me. I am not the type of person to just sit around and do nothing for an extended period of time. I am also worried that my surgery will either be over our Canadian Thanksgiving when both our sons come home, or will be put off again because of a surge in Covid-19 cases. Must learn to breathe.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. It's been a really strange year Jackie. We've experienced things we've never gone through before. We e been kept away from family and friends albeit for our health. But strangely enough it's that very thing that has caused the most depressive moods. Your cupboards and chores will get done at some point, don't let it get you down. Take care. Tx

  2. Here we have a special bin for garden waste and the local authority then makes compost.
    I doubt if the world will come to an end if the cupboards don't get cleaned. (I like to encourage others to be as slobby as me on that one.)
    Maybe it could be fun to have a slightly alternative Thanksgiving and let you menfolk sort it? When is Canadian Thanksgiving, by the way?

  3. I'm with you on not being able to get away for a vacation and the worry about how to manage walking in the winter. On the latter point, I think I'll do as my dad used to do and walk in the house. He figured out how many laps it took for him to walk a mile (many) and used that to measure his daily walk. Mom made him walk in the basement because it annoyed her to have him wandering the upstairs.

    You're not alone in feeling a bit down in the dumps. Hopefully winter will hold off well into December.

  4. Jackie, keep saying to yourself... "All things will be as they should.". Love, Andrea xoxo

  5. Upcoming surgery is always a bit of a worry, about the unknown. Do hope it all goes well, and you have a good recovery. As the doctors always tell us, when we get older, recovery and rehab takes longer.
    You are right to take care not to trip, slip or fall over, none of us want that!