Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday Roundup


This week has been quiet on the old homestead. Since the garden is in all that is left is the cleanup. 

I have been making the remaining masks for Kurt to take back with him for his students after a couple of days rest. I am hoping that with the two meetings I have this week I will be finished with them. I might even make a few solid colours for the boys in the class.

Still do not have enough ripe tomatoes for the soup making as of yet. I sure hope to have enough by Monday.

I have really tidied the sewing/craft room. This seems to be an ongoing project. I never seem to get it the exact way that I want it to be. Still it is getting much closer to room I envision. Using up some of the many craft supplies would probably help in this regard, instead of adding to them. As any of you crafters know this could be a big problem.  Love me some crafting.

Slowly but surely the pantry is becoming well stocked for the winter and whatever Covid-19 brings in the second wave. Numbers are rising in all provinces and with those that believe the suggestions and restrictions put on us by the governments are being used as a means to control us not being responsible adults I have a feeling things could get much worse. I am getting a bit worried about shortages and our sons not being able to come home for the holidays, all because of those that do not listen. 

Had to up our data plan as I forgot to put Harvey's new phone onto the WIFI before downloading updates and such. Even my phone seems to have used way more data than usual this month. We will be adding a bit more data to our package for next month for sure. It means we will be paying more each month but do not have to worry about needing to pay for extra overages. I must remember to do so on the 28th of this month as our bill resets on the 29th. Just means tightening our belts a bit more in a few other areas, like maybe not getting the extra themes on our TV until later in the winter, and making sure lights are definitely turned off.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Your son is fortunate to have such a generous mom sewing all those masks for his class. I agree, those who will not listen are a danger to the rest of us.

    I really reduced my cable subscription and my daughter shares her Netflix with me, so I have some options. Plus Sasktel Max has been offering free previews of various channels so I watch a month of these when I can and PVR lots so I can watch when the channel is no longer available. I need television for my knitting time. :)

    Take care and stay well!

  2. We are certainly living in strange times with this pandemic, making it impossible to make plans for the holidays with all the restrictions.

  3. You have been busy! All things that need taken care of. Too bad about the data, we used to worry about it monthly and wonder why some days were so high. Now we have unlimited and even though not everyone finds it worthwhile, and we use less than 8 gb/mth, we breathe easier and tightened our belts too when we made the decision. :)

  4. Yep... I agree with you, Jackie. I want to scream from the rooftop: "JUST WEAR THE STUPID MASK, PEOPLE!!!" We will all be better off for it. Even colds & flu will not affect the person who wears a mask so it's a win-win situation. ~Andrea xoxo

  5. I too went unlimited cause daughter would use all the data and I saved money 10 dollars each line and now I don't have to keep buying more.