Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Update On November Goals and Goals For This Month


Well time to update you all on my November goals and list my December goals. My that month went by very quickly. Sure glad my list was not long.

1.  Finish knitted blanket for Kurt's friend. Done.

2.  Start and finish Kris's Christmas gift.  Working on it.

3.  Make some Christmas ornaments.  Done.

4.  Work on t-shirt/knit fabric rug.  Got more strips ready to use.

5.  Make a work apron for Harvey for Christmas.  Turned the work apron into a gardening apron.

6.  Make potholders and oven mitts for the sons.  Oven mitts made. I even got a pair made for Harvey. I all of a sudden realized I made them pot holders last year.

7.  Start Christmas baking and candy making.  Started on the last day of the month, so there is a long way to go.

8.  Christmas cards done and make the phone call list for Christmas messages.  Done

So not too bad, I just wish that the baking and candy making was completed or at least close to being done.

Now on to December goals.

1.  Finish Kris's gift.

2.  Finish baking and candy making.

3.  Decorate the house.

4.  Sew Harvey's pj bottoms.

5.  Make donation in Harvey's name to the Salvation Army.

That's it for this month at least so far. Who knows what I could add as the month goes by.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You did great last month.and have nice goals for this month.

  2. Looks like you made a good dent in your list for last month. Sometimes I think I should make goal lists but I know I'd fall down the rabbit hole and forget all about it.

  3. Well done on meeting so many November goals! One less thing to do with the pot holders already having been made. Nice!

  4. You are amazing Jackie! I am half way thrugh my cards, but its very slow.

  5. You did quite well for November and December's is shorter so you'll accomplish those in a blink!! Leaving time to enjoy the seasonal month. :)

  6. I suspect you'll get more accomplished than the list you've written.

    Enjoy the preparations.

  7. You, my friend, are nothing short of amazing. You accomplish more than most anybody I know. I hope you are able eventually to just relax and enjoy the fruit of your labors.

  8. You got a huge amount done in November, well done.