Friday, October 21, 2022

Frugal Friday


I missed Thrifty Thursday but had a wonderful visit with my sister and her husband. It was Joannes birthday so after a meal we came back to the house and had cake and coffee. Haven't had a good long visit in a while.

So, I will just do a Frugal Friday post.

1.  Downloaded some free books for the ereader (need to download a few more at some point tonight).

2.  I have been taking my daily walks once again. However, according to the weather pundits we are going to be getting snow on Monday, with rain before. Could be a bit too icy for walking.

3.  Combined errands to save on gas. I haven't bought gas for the vehicle in over a month. 

4.  Baked bread and made a pudding pie for dessert. 

5.  Hanging as many clothes as I can on the lines downstairs.

6.  Cutting up the scraps of knit fabric to work on the rug. 

7.  Using up lots of the leftover meat and items from the fridge to fashion new meals.

8.  Trying my best to only purchase sale items when shopping.

9.  Got the cheque from my dental visit and worked out how much I had to co-pay. Got more back than I expected.

10.  Put $50.00 in the envelope and another $5.65 in the change jars. Hopefully I will add more to the envelope at the end of the month.

11.  Found $0.15 on my daily walk which I added to the change jars.

12.  Processed 5 pumpkins. 

That's about all I can think of right now.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I'd say you had a productive week, despite feeling under the weather from the vaccine. The best part I'm sure was the visit with your sister and her husband.
    Stay warm and dry!

  2. Snow??? Oh, my word, it's only October. Is that usual where you are? xx

  3. Great frugal measures, Jackie. Thank you for your good wishes with the job hunting. I was offered a job on Thursday and accepted it. Hoping that I'm going to like it, but it's only for 3 months over the Xmas period. Just happy to be earning money again. Thanks again.

  4. You sure had a busy,productive week. We had 10cm of wet, heavy snow overnight and another 10cm today. The poor trees and bushes are sure bent out of shape. I guess many had broken branches throughout the city. Fortunately we only lost power for about a minute. Just long enough to have to reset all the flashing clocks!!

  5. You've managed a lot this week! Best of all had to be a visit with family.