Wednesday, October 19, 2022



My arm feels much better today, though it is still very tender to the touch, and does hurt when I lift it much beyond my shoulder. Things are improving however, so I am happy about that. I also managed a few more hours of sleep last night with the help of Tylenol.

Today, Harvey and I have been working on getting the yard ready for winter. We will probably do more on Friday as tomorrow I have the Bible study to lead. Really all that is left is covering the outdoor furniture, moving the furniture to the far side of the deck, putting the yard ornaments away, and perhaps cutting back some of the perennials. Though those could be left until spring. 

I finished the stripe on the rug and now (well tomorrow) will be cutting more fabric to make more strips. I have also almost finished the first ball of yarn I am using to make Kurt's friend a knitted blanket. 

Soup is bubbling on the stove, and I used up the last of the turkey stock from the freezer (can now put the new containers in with a clear heart), the veggies I saved a spoon here and there from suppers, and the last bit of gravy (I use it to add more taste). Eggs are boiled for egg salad sandwiches and bread baked as well. 

Now I am tiring out and will probably get in the tub for a nice soak and head to bed not long after supper is done. 

All in all a very good day with lovely sun and warmish temperatures (the breeze does make it feel a bit cooler). 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


My crafting corner beside my chair is once again getting out of control. I will need to buckle down and get things completed in order to get the tower down a bit.


  1. Glad you're feeling a lot better. Sounds like you got a lot done today.

  2. Glad you're feeling better. We're scheduled for our flu shots this afternoon and supposedly will be getting the bivalent shot as well. The local hospital is in lockdown and so are a couple of the nursing homes in the area so it's obvious that covid isn't about to go away.

  3. Glad you're feeling better, but not sure what you did to hurt your arm. Sounds like lots of yard work still in store. I've got much left to do as well, but the weather hasn't been cooperating. Way too cold to work out there. Was below freezing this am when we got up. I need to rake the front yard, and since the sun came out; guess I'll bundle up to do some of that. It was wet and cold the last couple of days. So maybe with the sun out it won't feel as cold. We'll see. I know what you mean about the crafty corner....I get mine organized but it never lasts, lol.

  4. Glad you are feeling so much better.

  5. Hi Jackie, sorry you've had a reaction to the vaccine but now mending. But it sounds like you got lots done in the meantime. I have my name on a list to get notified when I can get my vaccine. Hopefully soon.

  6. I am following your symptoms closely as we are getting our shots next week. My crafting is almost always out of control....

  7. Exactly like me:( Took about 4 days for my arm to get better.

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better and have accomplished a lot today. You deserve the rest!

  9. So glad you are feeling better, Jackie, I've got my booster shot this afternoon 😱