Saturday, October 1, 2022

Saturday Roundup

Well I am back to using my phone for posts. More problems with the laptop, and tomorrow I will pull out the old slow desktop and use it until I manage to get the WIFI back up and working.

So this means you all may need to forgive spelling  and grammatical errors. Also posts could be a bit short. As well as pictures being out of place.

I have managed to add 6 rows to the quilt flimsy, finished watching Revenge on Disney+ while sewing or knitting, almost cleared out the garden and helped Harvey with the assembly of the garage frame.

Today I used up the remaining eggplant in the fridge. I made Moussaka, and there will definitely  be enough for another meal.The picture is at the top.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

Now to figure out how to visit you all....


  1. Very productive, Jackie. Your moussaka looks tasty.

  2. Computer problems are so frustrating, Jackie, I hope you can get sorted soon.
    Lovely moussaka!

  3. I hope you get the wifi and computer issues figured out - I've posted on the phone and it is a nuisance!
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Good luck with the computer issues. I love it when things work; but sometimes it can be very frustrating when things don't work as they're suppose to. I spent over an hour yesterday messing with my fitbit. I couldn't get it to synch with my computer, my phone, or my ipad. Finally got it done, but was talking to myself by the time I got things to work.

  5. Sorry you're having computer issues - hope that you can get them rectified soon. Maybe your sons can figure it out if they're home for Thanksgiving.