Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sunday Ramblings


It has been a very overcast day here. No snow as of yet in this area, but I thought I would share the picture of the snow just before noon in Regina. Kris decided to send me a photo.

This is out his front window. Not looking forward to this hitting here at some point tonight. Heavy and wet snow is no fun to shovel or get rid of. Hopefully it warms up and all melts and leaves the roads dry once again. 

Since the weather was rather miserable, my walks today were very short. I did however bake bread, process the pumpkins I had upstairs (brought two more up to see if they will ripen any quicker), make my Christmas card list, and did a few more questions in the Bible study. I am not too sure about this study; it is pretty deep, and I don't think that many of the participants really understand what is being discussed. I could be wrong, but I do see confused expressions on faces. Father's rambling answers to questions don't help. In fact, there was one answer that really did not address the question at all.

I spent most of the afternoon while watching House of the Dragon and working on the rug. Got another stripe done and now am cutting more strips to be used on the next stripe. I hope to do some knitting as well. 

Pretty sure tomorrow is not going to be nice, so I will be staying close to home getting those daily tasks done and redoing the menu to use up a bit more from the fridge freezer. Things are slowly going down in there, but there is still lots to work our way through. It will sure save on groceries this month and make me work on figuring out new recipes to make things interesting.

Harvey is busy making me a small shelf to fit on my kitchen countertop. That will hopefully give me a bit more room for rolling out dough or mixing cakes.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Goodness, snow already. Take care when it hits where you live. OH is watching House of the Dragon currently.

  2. It was not a pleasant day here in the city yesterday. But I think it got worse when the rain/sleet started in the evening. I went out with a garbage bag this morning and the driveway is covered in a hard pack of snow and ice pellets. I had to beat on the garbage can lid to open it to toss the bag in. Thankfully, the melt should start happening in the next day or so and next week looks quite nice for Halloween. That's a change from other years.
    I suspect you had the ugly weather overnight if the radar was correct. Take out there!

  3. Yikes on the snow already! It snowed in Knoxville here last week. It has been cold enough already for snow. Seems like we just got out of summer though. That’s too bad about the Bible study. I hope more people can get a better understanding as time goes on. You’ve been keeping yourself busy!

  4. Do you use wool strips to make your rugs?

  5. OH wow - I do NOT want to see any of that white stuff anytime soon! Bad enough to see it in pictures. Temperature dropped here today but still above freezing so hopefully it holds off for a long time yet.