Wednesday, October 5, 2022

This Week Is Passing Much Too Quickly

 Just a very quick post as I am back from a rather long meeting, and I have to get ready for the Bible Study tomorrow afternoon.

I was asked if I process my sauce. I usually freeze mine, but I believe that you can put the jars in a water bath. The timing is 25 min for pints.

I did pumpkin processing today. For the first time I put the puree in freezer bags (small ones, I just added 1 cup of puree to each). It worked wonderfully once I got used to spooning the puree in. Takes up way less room in the freezer, that's for sure.

Any way I am sorry I won't be able to visit tonight, but will be by tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. What do you use pumpkin puree for, please. It's not something we have much in the UK. xx

  2. I wish there was some room left in our little freezer to put some pumpkin puree but it's stuffed to the top. Guess it will be canned pumpkin for us. Wonder why they don't offer frozen in stores (or if they do, I haven't seen it)