Friday, March 17, 2023

Frugal Friday


The end of what used to be my work week and now that I am retired just another day I suppose.

What frugal things have we been up to on the old homestead this week?

1.  I line dried my sheets for the first time. Turned out not too badly at all. 

2.  On the lovely sunny days we had this week I kept the drapes and blinds open to take advantage of the solar heat and natural light.

3.  Using up all the leftovers in the fridge and some of the items from the freezer. I even managed to use up some crisper items.

4.  Used up some more of my yarn stash.

5.  Finished cutting up the scraps of fabric. 

6. Doing a bit of decluttering. I have too many clothes, some of which I haven't worn in a very long time. Those are being donated if they are in decent shape. If not I will cut them up into fabric to be used in my quilting projects.

7.  Walked 5 of the 7 days this week. Some were very short walks, but I will be working my way to longer ones.

8.  I put $150.00 in my savings envelope and $2.45 in the change jars.

We got news late last night that Harvey's last living Uncle passed away on Tuesday. I notified the rest of Harv's family (though some never check our family page on Face Book, or perhaps I should say never check what I post, their problem not mine). Then today I got a call asking if I would do one of the readings at the funeral Mass. Of course I said yes. This uncle was always wonderful to us and we would have a lovely visit if we happened to see each other while shopping. This is the least I could do for our aunt and the rest of the family.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. My sympathies on the passing of your uncle. He sounds like a very nice man.
    To me, every day is Friday. I used to get earned days off, so my Friday's off led to the weekend, and now in retirement the weekend never ends. I must admit, I do lose track of the days occasionally.

  2. Some good frugal savings this week Jackie! Good on you ... I always line dry my sheets - I love the smell of the fresh air in them. You are very good to walk 5 out of 7 days - I am trying to get back in to it again but I am very unmotivated & undisciplined. I am sorry to read of your Uncle passing away. Enjoy the weekend Jackie xx

  3. I do love to hang things on the clothesline. I did hang a few things out there to blow the dust off of them, they were not wet, way to cold. Condolences on the loss of Harv's uncle.

  4. So sorry to read of the loss of your Uncle. Drying clothes outside on the clothesline is the norm here, at least in the warmer months. I've sheets and towels to put outside as soon as I finish up here checking blogs.

  5. Sincerest condolences to your family Jackie. That's some really nice savings for the week. I wish we could have clothes lines here to dry things outside. I do miss that.

  6. Please accept my sympathies on the passing of Harvey’s uncle. He sounds like a wonderful man.

  7. I'm so sorry that your family is dealing with a loss.