Saturday, March 4, 2023

Saturday Roundup


It has been a week of trying to use things up, and we actually managed to do so. 

Harvey made a bird feeder (another is in the works for Orioles this time around) and a Hummingbird house. All were made with things he had in his workroom, or in the wood box outside.

First off the bird feeder....

I should say he had to purchase some plexi-glass but that will be used for many more projects.

Next up the Hummingbird house. This was made from a medium sized branch from our woodshed. He should be able to make a couple more from that branch (well at least one more). He wants to hang three from our tree in the backyard by our deck.

I have already been told that the flowers on my deck need to be attractive to Hummers.... 

Me, well I have been pulling fabric and cutting it out. So far this is what I have done. Some of the shorts and tops are double cut (meaning there are two different sewing tasks). These will be going into the project bags tonight. I still have a few more items and pieces of fabric I need to use up. 

I also did some baking to try and use up a few things in the chest freezer. Trying to get it ready for spring pickings and the fall harvest.

I did have a bit of a mix-up today. I forgot to take the leftover pork out to make stir fry. However, I do have leftover Sloppy Joe mix so that will be used up and I will make the stir fry tomorrow for supper. Because of the mix-up, though I also got to use up the remaining cabbage and made a slaw.

So how are all of you doing using things up?

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I've used up a few freezer items whilst OH has been away this week. The freezer is slowly emptying, but we still have quite a bit of produce from the allotment last year. I love all of Harvey's bird houses and feeders. I look forward to seeing all your new clothes once you've made them.

  2. I love the bird house and feeder - they are lovely and natural and rustic. Just my sort of thing! The baking looks pretty good too - mmmmm.
    Enjoy the sewing. xx

  3. I had left a couple of pork chops for my son to re-heat while I was away. He chose not to, so I'm using the meat in wraps for lunch. And I'm back to working on a UFO with yarn I've bought from the thrift store. Perhaps I'll even finish it this year. :)
    Love the suet holder attached to the bird feeder. What a great idea!

  4. Lovely bird houses. My blue tits are already exploring the little house on my apple tree.

  5. No where as good as you!! Great job, both of you. Nice bird homes.
    I love the turquoise top in the pattern. It will be comfortable and stylish.

  6. Love the bird house! Harvey is handy, like you :-)

    I defrosted pumpkin puree (I got pumpkins for free from the store, right after Halloween) & made those into two dozen muffins.

  7. Harvey is doing a great job of providing for the birds. Hopefully he's rewarded with nesting hummers. An idea for him - we have a section of tree limb (about 16" long) mounted on a chain with circular holes drilled that we fill with suet. Some of the holes have perches beneath them for the perching birds and the rest are left as just holes for the woodpeckers and nuthatches. Resident Chef has to do a refill pretty much every day.