Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


Another week has gone by, and the weather has improved. Things are melting and temperatures have risen. Could it be that winter is letting it's grip go on the prairies of Canada?

Before I talk about thrifty moves here on the old homestead I need to tell Patty that she did not overstep with her question. I love explaining how things work around here. It took me a very long time to get to where I feel comfortable, and sharing how I do this makes me feel wonderful. 

The second thing I need to say is that I got the results of my test today and I am still cancer free! Which is awesome as for some reason I was really concerned this time around. I can breath a bit easier now.

Now what thrifty things did I manage to do around the house over the past week.

I got my sweater knitted from leftover yarn. Even managed to use up some of the stash of bits and bobs doing so.

Meals were made mostly from leftovers from the freezer. 

Got another net bag so a bit closer to trying to make a scrubby from them. 

Wearing my clothes for more than one day.

Using an apron when cooking.

Now what wasn't thrifty....

I bought a ready cooked chicken tonight because I am just too tired to cook. Since I was purchasing the chicken, I also got potato salad and an adult beverage to celebrate another year of being cancer free.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.


  1. Hi Jackie .. I am guessing you are heading into spring so hopefully the temps will be a bit kinder to you. We are in autumn here now & the days are beautiful but the nights & mornings are cold. I did not know you were waiting on a cancer test result & I was SO very pleased to read you got the all-clear. That is wonderful news. Take care Jackie xx

  2. Congratulations on the all clear! It seems to me a celebration meal with an adult beverage is an appropriate way to mark the occasion.

  3. Congratulations on the (no) cancer result. A celebration is definitely in order! I'd love to see a photo of the sweater.

  4. That's wonderful news, I am so pleased for you, I hope you enjoyed your special non thrifty meal.

  5. I am so happy for another year cancer free for you. It will be such a load off your mind. God bless.

  6. Great news on your test results Jackie. So happy for you.

  7. Caught up on your posts. Yes you should definitely celebrate being cancer free!! Congratulations. So much of your thinking is like mine. I always wear an apron when cooking and eating too. And wear my clothes more than one day except unmentionables. LOL

  8. Very well deserved celebration! Congrats on being cancer free. So happy for you!

  9. That is wonderful news Jackie! Definitely called for a celebration. Hope you & Harvey have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Yay for good test results!!! You definitely deserved to celebrate.