Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits


It is sunny and above freezing today, so I decided to do my shopping a day early (cause things will freeze overnight making the roads skating rinks). I only bought two sandwich meat chubs no other meat and still my bill was $200.59. Everything except some salad items were on sale. This is shocking to me. My cart wasn't even full!! Some purchased items will go in the pantry to be used later and others are in rotation to be used in the following two weeks. Definitely going to be thinking of other ways to save a bit, perhaps buying a wagon to pull behind me to hold all the groceries (though those are high priced as well). Good thing we are trying to cut back on meat at meals.

The days are quickly slipping by. Hopefully spring arrives soon. That would be lovely. Open windows to let in the fresh air, sunshine, spring flowers, line drying all my clothes. My idea of paradise. I can even get my hands dirty in the garden and planting up my pots. 

Diligently (okay not quite so diligent) working on my sweater. Which with any luck at all will be finished next week. Then my afternoons will be spent embroidering those quilt blocks, while the evenings will be spent knitting mitts. I hope to soon be able to sit outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun while working on my projects. 

The deer are still appearing in the front yard. Poor things are very hungry but having them invade our yard (usually 5 or 6 now) makes me worry for our fruit trees. 

Harvey is deciding what he will plant in the garden this year and I am thinking of ways to fill my pots and baskets with lots of colour and flowers that attract Hummers. Any ideas out in blogland for that?

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. The price of groceries is still constantly going up here in the UK. It does make one wonder how high they will go. We seem to be eating less these days, now there's just the two of us at home. I often work late, so just end up having a sandwich and OH is often cycling, so we sometimes eat separately and have smaller meals. As a consequence, our overall food bill seems to go down, but individual items that we buy constantly seem to go up.

  2. Just finished 2022 review for tax prep and budgeting. I was surprised to discover the average monthly grocery expenses hadn't changed from 2021. I do realize that I'm having more company and that may change going forward. Thank goodness for garden preserves.

  3. I had a big grocery shop last week (Tuesday is also my shopping day) but managed to keep it lower today. No meat needed as I have lots in the freezer.

  4. Grocery prices are just shocking these days. I noticed that the canned mushrooms have doubled in price. I'm trying to stock up again before more price increases. There's just too much uncertainty lately. I'm hoping to get our pantry well stocked again, before things get worse.

    I love deer. We get them often (and many other animals), because we have a sizeable property.

  5. The one thing i won't do is give up the did we live. Meat and veggies being a couple of them, cheese, yogourt, eggs, butter, bacon and milk. That may mean closing my eyes when i put certain things in the cart. Haha
    Certain things like the dairy, (milk and cream) at Walmart are ridiculously cheap here.

  6. Eggs, milk and butter have gone down. Gas is still between $4 and $5 dollars a gallon. Beef is very high but I still buy it. Here in California, our central valley which grows our veggies is being flooded. So, soon we here will be feeling that pinch. It's funny how you just start getting used to the high prices. I don't like it but it is what it is. Nothing I can do about it.

  7. The price of groceries here is totally out of hand too. I have never spent so much for two people as this past year. I watch the sales and if there is something we regularly use on sale I will buy several to stock up and save later. Coffee has gotten so high that I only buy it when it is on sale now.

    I'm looking forward to Spring too! There is so much I need to get done outside when it warms up. I always put a hummingbird feeder out but I think they prefer flowers, especially brightly colored ones. I know they like foxgloves, hollyhocks, and even impatiens and petunias.

  8. Grocery prices seem to be what they are and there's not a whole lot we can do other than watch for sales and try to find cheaper alternatives to some things. We mostly buy no name products when we can because most of the time they're a little cheaper and we don't notice that much difference in taste. We use more home made cleaning products too.
    As for flowers that attract hummingbirds - I'm on the lookout for old-fashioned fushias this year. They seem to love those. I bought a 'fancier' fushia last year and they didn't like it at all. They couldn't seem to get their beaks into the flowers so they didn't stick around.

  9. We did not get above freezing yesterday and had freezing rain in the morning. The forecast doesn't look that great, and I so want spring to arrive. Mind you, the rabbit is in the midst of his color change so that's a hopeful sign.
    As for groceries, I've seen a few prices dropping but not on the basics. I know you already buy sale items and I thinks that's our best bet for keeping costs as low as we can.
    Looking forward to seeing a photo of your finished sweater. I've never made one for myself, only for the grandson.

  10. PRices are scary and I am grateful for all the food I have set aside.

  11. Sitting outside in the sunshine while working in projects is marvelous when the weather cooperates. Our Autumn days are nice and warm, and I'm sure you are looking forward to your Spring sunshine.