Friday, December 15, 2023

Frugal Friday


I have always been on the frugal side, but lately I am considering becoming even more frugal over all. As I have said before, that isn't something I really need to do, we actually can have all our needs covered and quite a few of our wants. However, after saying that, if something ever happens to Harvey, my finances will take a dip. I will not be getting all his pension, or his old age security. Things will probably get much tighter for me. 

Our city depends on coal mining, oil and gas, and the power plant so if those close down (which they will eventually), I probably would not be able to sell my home. Good thing that is totally paid for. This would mean me trying to learn how to do maintenance or hiring someone to do certain things for me. That would not be inexpensive. 

So what frugal things have I been up to this week.

1.  Continual using up the bits and bobs from the freezer.

2.  The new meals that were made managed to feed us for two nights, plus a bit for leftovers for lunch.

3.  I am really watching my electrical use. Lights are being turned off with regularity. 

4.  Made lip balms. Those cost about 1/2 the cost of purchasing them. 

5.  Watching water usage. Costs of water have gone up as well. Perhaps not as much as natural gas or electric, but enough to be slightly concerning.

Off to set the table and start supper. I will be visiting you all once that has been completed.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. IMO you are wise to be thinking about future finances in that manner. I am always impressed with your industry and frugal habits.

  2. I was fortunate in that I get all of hubs retirement benefit and his social security - which was higher than my own. You just go along and learn to cut this or that and that it doesn't really make a difference.
    You are quite frugal and it is important to think about these things as much as we never want to.

  3. You are so smart to think about the future like this, Jackie. We've all seen towns dry up when the industry leaves just like when GM left Detroit, Michigan. You are wise to consider this. It motivates me as well. Kindred spirits.

  4. Another very frugal week Jackie with lots achieved. xx

  5. A+ yet again. I worry about the future too if i were left alone.

  6. I think that's wise - is this an outcome of your financial review?
    It's good to be aware of the options. xx

  7. I would be the same as you if my husband passes, we too own our house and downsizing would be an option, but this house is totally sorted, so it's keeping us warm and not costing us too much. Everything we have done in the last 25 years has been to ensure we are the best we can be.

  8. I agree with Juhli, it never hurts to be thinking ahead and planning for the eventual. Since you've been frugal for so much of your life, the transition would likely be easier than most.
    The first energy bill came in for the new house yesterday. My son took it in stride but I nearly had a heart attack. We've turned the thermostat down another couple of degrees! We aren't even in the coldest part of winter yet.

  9. I think it is always wise to have one eye on the future and thinking about what your finances may look like. None of us know what might happen and it's important to be mindful of that. It's good that you are reasonably comfortable currently too.

  10. I know what you mean about income taking a dive if something happens to our partners. I worry that I won't be able to afford to stay in this apartment but when I look at rental costs to move I would have to pay more than here for much less space. We have a college in our town so I suspect I would end up having to take in a student in order to survive. Don't want to think about it.