Thursday, December 21, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


Usual thrifty habits happening here on the old homestead. 

Today I worked on the budget for next year and managed to shave some off on certain lines. Others I had to raise a bit, but still the budget is a bit lower than last year. A very good thing. I will see if it can be even lower after the first couple of months in the new year.

I have only used the car once so far this week. I will need to use it tomorrow in order to get another jug of milk, some salad things and perhaps another loaf of bread or two in preparation for Kurt and Kris being home. I will go early so that the store is hopefully not crowded, and I will wear a mask as Covid is making a big come back here in my small city (don't want to give the boys something to take back with them to their homes).

Put my 20 year old Christmas tablecloth out. I made it after Christmas when the fabric was on sale for 1/4 of the regular price. Getting kind of faded now, so I suppose eventually I will need to make another.

Harvey needed some Christmas tags and I found some that were sent to us free in the mail this year.

Saved some more twist ties this week. I am getting quite a collection so must remember to reuse them before I become a twist tie hoarder. Well at least they are small.

Saved the container my dishwasher pods were in. Harvey can use it downstairs to store some screws and such in, or if he doesn't need it I will cover with glued on fabric and find a use for it in my sewing/craft room.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.


  1. I have no problems using the 'free' to and from tags and the Christmas cards that arrive from different organizations we don't support. They're unsolicited so therefore I don't feel badly using them. I keep all the Christmas cards we receive for the following year, cut the message part off, and use them as to and from tags. This year we haven't received very many cards (maybe 6?) so I'll have to come up with another plan for next year.

  2. Some great thrifty habits there Jackie - well done. Yes Covid is rampant here at present too - lots of people are having to re jig their christmas plans due to Covid in the family. xx

  3. We don't have need for many tags but we use our free ones as well from when we donate. Even the cards, get used up.

  4. I don't receive many Christmas cards, but that's likely because I only send out a few of my own. I tend to pick up the tags after Christmas and stash them for the next year or so. I know I have enough to last for awhile yet.
    However, I do re-use gift bags and tissue. Those little cards that are attached to them get scrapped after the first year, and a tag is used the following year. If it won't come off (or entirely come off) I use it for the same person or slap a larger sticker on it. :) I did pick up some new ones last year at the dollar store as I don't get all the bags back.
    I used to keep twist ties and bread plastic thingies, but when we moved I must have tossed a cup full. If you figure out a use for them, other than their original, let me know.
    My mom saved plastic margarine containers, used them often for freezing small portions in the freezer. There must have been a 100 of them when we cleaned out her house and freezer. I don't think she often remembered to pull out these small portions so there were stacks of them along with piles of empty ones as well.
    Enjoy your time with your sons!