Thursday, December 7, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


It has actually been a pretty dark and dreary day today. Even though the curtains are opened not much light is coming through. In fact the furnace has cut in a few times. I have now shut the drapes and lit the candles to make the living room a bit more cozy. 

What thrifty things have I set my mind to this past week. 

Well I have mended a pair of Harvey's work jeans. They just needed a patch on one knee. Darned a pair of socks as well.

I have been using the bits and bobs from the fridge freezer, and a couple of the meals made will feed each of us twice. Tonight we will have the leftover chicken casserole from Tuesday, and then on Saturday will have the leftover ham/rice/broccoli casserole from Wednesday. Friday I will use up the last of the potato patties and the remains of a box of fish sticks.

I made Nanaimo Bars today and there was a bit of the vanilla filling left. Instead of getting rid of it, I pulled out the cupcakes I made a froze a bit ago and after thawing said cupcakes, iced them with the leftover filling. No waste is wonderful.

Entertainment has been reading and working on my knitting (once again using up things from my stash and reading free books I have downloaded). I have had the occasional walk, but since it is fairly icy out those have been cut short.

Harvey said we were almost out of bird seed and he noticed that it was on sale in Peavy Mart so went and picked some up for almost half the cost. A savings of almost $18.00.

Saving the plastic bags from produce and bread products to be used when the Grandcat visits for litter scooping. 

Saved the twist ties of those same bags to be used to close other bags. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Super thrifty habits, Jackie. As it happens we were in a Peavy Mart today...they are scarce here and when we see one, we go in. Always have good deals and interesting mixture of merchandise. I found an excellent pair of rain boots there once on quite a good markdown.

  2. Sounds like a good week. I haven't left the house so far or spent a dime! May change tomorrow. Just working on finishing up Christmas projects and eating from what I have.

  3. That was a good saving on the bird seed.
    It's been very gloomy here too - we are pretty close to the shortest day now and you can tell. The curtains are drawn by four. xx

  4. I'm sad to say, but I'm not feeding the birds this winter. Maybe next year but for now, we're getting used to living here. I have seen a couple of squirrels and a hare out my front window so I do have some wildlife. :)

  5. We actually had a sunny day yesterday but now it's back to dull and quite foggy.
    Now you have me craving Nanaimo bars - haven't had any for years.

  6. It's not been so thrifty here, with Christmas fast approaching there are always extras to buy. I'll be making my favourite chocolate cherry slice very soon to take away for Christmas day. Definitely a "naughty but oh so nice" delicious treat.