Friday, December 8, 2023

Frugal Friday


Since today has been cloudy and rather stormy, I have stayed in and gotten a few things completed. The snow has stopped, and the wind died down, but things are still pretty icy out on the roads. Staying in is probably the best thing for me. 

So what frugal things have I been up to this week.

1.  Made Harvey some cheesecloth covers for when he filters his wine. It saves having him having to change the more expensive filters too often.

2.  Using up the bits and bobs in the freezer is helping us save money. I won't have to purchase as much the next time I go shopping. 

3.  Pretty much finished making all the Christmas gifts this year. I only have lip balm to make, and I have all the necessary ingredients for that.

4.  Once again combined errands to save on gas. 

5.  Watched some money saving YouTube videos and realized I am doing everything that they are. Makes me feel very happy. Though if we lived in a larger center I think the savings could be much higher.... Our secondhand stores suck as they charge so dang much.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I think it's an across-the-board thing that thrift stores are charging higher prices. Resident Chef wanted a glass loaf pan and checked the local thriftie for one - they were charging more than a brand-new one from Canadian Tire. Needless to say CT got our business!

  2. Homemade wine sounds yummy. My dad used to make wine (much to mom's disgust!). We always talked about trying to, and never got around to it.

  3. Second hand stores are certainly NOT helping the lower class who need them. Why?

  4. I love shopping in charity shops, but their prices certainly seem to have gone very high. One thing I find very annoying is that a neighbour of mine who works for one as a furniture collection driver told me that the guys who do that are paid, as is the manager of the shop, who sets the pricing structure, but the mostly retired women who actually work in the shop are volunteers. I think they should either pay ALL of their staff or none. It just doesn't seem right to me.

  5. I think homemade wine sounds delicious.

  6. We have noticed that the prices the second hand stores charge has been increasing lately, unfortunately. Yard sales are usually the best place to get good prices, but it isn't yard sale season right now. Kudos to you for getting all your Christmas gifts made. I would enjoy seeing a photo of your lip balm when you get those done. :)

  7. Oh dear, you did get the rain and snow. We got absolutely nothing here in Regina. I suspect it will stick around for a few days at least, until the temperatures warm again. It's been a weird start to winter.
    Value Village has really upped their prices here. I tend to go only on senior's day (Tues) even though it's often very busy. Salvation Army has kept their prices reasonable and every day is senior's day, though it's only 10% off as compared to the 30% V.V. gives. Still with the lower prices it's usually a better deal, if you can find what you're looking for.

  8. You are amazing! I’d like to be more like you but it wouldn’t last. I think I’m frugal but no where close to where you are at. I just don’t have the energy to do all that you do.

    Snow sounds nice. We’re having sunshine and 60 degree weather. But that’s California. We’re always praying for rain!

  9. I've noticed that the charity shops near where I live have started charging a lot more now. I know they have overheads, but sometimes the prices do seem quite high. I don't shop so much in charity shops any more. I rarely find anything I want to buy.