Wednesday, December 13, 2023

How Come Wednesday Is Showing Up So Quickly?


Wasn't it just Wednesday a couple of days ago? My goodness the weeks are whizzing by to Christmas and the end of the year. I only have a little over a week to finish my preparations for Kurt and Kris to arrive home. I did manage to get Kris's room tidy and in a couple of days I will struggle downstairs with cleaning supplies and get Kurt's ready as well. 

Feeling a bit more rested but still I am tiring out a bit earlier than usual. I didn't get the blocking done on my knitting until late so no picture. 

Our natural gas bill arrived on Monday and I am still in a state of shock. I am really hoping for a warm winter as this bill was the last bill plus one half more. Not at all used to that big a jump. I hate to see what the electrical bill will be when and ifT that increases. At least the water bill decreased, but with company it will be rising once again. 

Bills were paid today all online, love that feature as it saves on gas and time. Tomorrow though I will be heading out to get our prescriptions filled, and our allowances out of the bank. I may make a trip and pick up a few things using the gift card I won awhile back. I will also pick up the items necessary to make the Irish Cream. That is one project I want to get done before the end of the week. 

Working on knitting my sweater, and finding it very boring. I will get the back completed and perhaps start on the front at some point tomorrow evening. This project is moving very slowly. 

We need to meet with our Financial Planner at the bank. Lots of things up for renewal and hopefully the interest rates are good. Since I will be working on the budget numbers for next year it is a good thing to know where we stand. Hopefully we get in to see her very soon.

Off to visit all of you. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Time does go fast, especially the older I get.
    Thankfully we are having a mostly mild fall/almost winter but our coldest weather usually comes after the new year.
    Hope your financial planner has good news. We recently switched some finance things around and are so pleased with the interest earned already

  2. It is a very busy time of year what with the festivities and tying up end-of-year commitments. But you seem on top of things!

  3. Our gas and electricity has all shot up too. I try to be careful but that only means the rise is less than it might have been. It's never a saving. Oh, well, it is what it is and thank goodness we can stay warm, albeit not quite as warm as we would like.
    Good luck with your financial planning meeting.

  4. I love paying bills online, it’s the best thing they ever! I’m glad you got a little bit more rest. I think our electric bill will jump this month not from heating but doing extra laundry this month from inventory Bailey picked up recently that HAD to be laundered. I hope you have a good Thursday. 😊

  5. Since my son is now responsible for paying the utility bills, I'm encouraging him to set them up for payment on line. I've been using that feature for over ten years and it's so easy and convenient. I could set up the payments for later in the month (to match my pay dates and now my pension).
    This is the first month in the new house, and we're lowered the thermostat below what we kept the old house so I'm interested to see what the energy bill will look like. From what I could locate on-line the delivery rate increased by 5% in October, but the commodity rate was supposed to drop.
    Do take care of yourself and allow time to rest. You're always so busy!

  6. You are busy like many. I have to admit things are pretty slow for us. Not many stresses as we only buy for each other and Gibbs. The days are still zipping by, thought you should know that. 😉 just don't wear yourself out too much. Life is too short

  7. Completely agree with you in regard to time whizzing by. I can't seem to get much done at the moment and I've got a long list. If I manage to cross one or two things off each day I'm happy. I know most things will get done and those that don't probably don't matter, but I'm still feeling the time pressure.

  8. I think the older we get the faster time seems to escape us. I still can't believe it's just about the end of December already.
    We pretty much pay all our bills, with the exception of the credit cards, via automatic debit. I know we end up paying a small 'fee' for that luxury, but it's so much easier to keep track of and much easier to budget.