Sunday, December 10, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


It is getting closer and closer to Christmas. I am so looking forward to having a full house once again. It really seems empty around here when the boys are home and when they are gone. That is probably why I am so happy when Kris comes home on none holiday weekends bringing the grandcat. I really find it much too quiet now. 

I took off the day from baking as I just did not want to have to do the cleanup. To tell all of you the truth I love baking, sewing, crafting, knitting, but hate the clean up that is necessary after. I really do make a mess.....

I was asked who was going to eat all that bakinTg I have been doing. Well I plan on making two trays for our neighbours who are lovely young women, one tray will be taken to the family get together on Christmas day, and I am sure any extras will be sent home with Kurt and Kris.

Tonight I used up the bag of leftover beef roast  and made some filling that I planned on using with a Puff pastry crust.... Well it made a 9 X 9 pan with lots leftover. I can see some stew later in the coming week. Amazed how bits and bobs can make many more meals and save lots of money when grocery shopping.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I would eat your lovely treats, although most certainly don't need them! We aren't quite empty nesters, although most evenings it's hard to rustle up both teens, so things are much quieter than we'd like. We love a full house.

  2. I too always enjoy when my guys come home. It’s always so lively. Then the day after I bask in the fun we just had - then after that I miss them for a couple days, and then I’m back to normal.
    I much prefer regular old normal days but the holidays are fun. I just don’t like the highs and lows!

  3. I'm the same. I have to make myself clear up in the kitchen because I know that if I don't I will regret it later on. It's a bore though, even with a dishwasher. xx

  4. The best things in life are the people!!!!!! Love this.

  5. I try to clean up as I go but like you I tend to make a mess.
    While I enjoy having my daughter and grandson visit, I do appreciate when they leave as the noise level decreases significantly. When I spend time with them this Christmas, we've agreed I can go to the upstairs bedroom where Eli and I sleep, and shut the door when I need a break. We'll see how that goes. :)

  6. Having a full house is very heart warming! It can get lonely without anyone else around.

  7. I had to giggle, because I love all those things too, but I hate the clean up! You and I jumped off the same star!

  8. I miss LB when she's away at Uni. I love it when she comes home and we all spend time together.