Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Tuesday Tidbits


Well, still no oven and our regular appliance repair guy told Harvey that he could probably change the burnt-out wire himself. So that is what is in the plan for his tomorrow. Hopefully it did not affect the element.

I did however find a small cookie sheet in my hoarded baking things that will fit the toaster oven. It means that perhaps I can do some cookies after all. Just not my double batches (usually what I do). This is only if we need to wait for a new element to be ordered and arrive.

I have been working on the rug, cutting out a few dress patterns, and have actually cast on another Bits and Bobs knitted blanket. I am determined to use up all that I can before purchasing more. Strangely it seems to be a never ending task.

We got our money from the government of Saskatchewan today (or it could have been yesterday as I did not go and pick up the mail). It is a nice sum as both of us got a cheque as both of us fill out income tax forms. 

It has been snowing off and on this evening, and from what the weather people are saying will continue to do this for a while. I am glad that I will only need to go out on Thursday for Bible study and to drop off/pick up my car once the tires are changed. Much rather be safe and sound at home.

I am having fun looking at the Home Remedy book. Lots of interesting things to try, and I actually have most of the ingredients here at home. I do think that I just might have to give the sore throat and cough recipes a go. 

Hope to have some pictures for you all tomorrow. Perhaps you all will be able to see how far I have come on the rug, and since tomorrow is going to be a sewing day more blocks for Kris's quilt will be made. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Your day sounds delightful and I hoping very hard that Harvey can get that oven sorted. xx

  2. Potentially good news about the oven. Hope it goes well. You sound like you've been busy with your creative projects and starting new ones. I look forward to seeing them when they're finished.

  3. Although I'm looking forward to receiving the Moe bucks, I would have preferred the province to have stayed the price increases on Sask Power and Sask Energy. The power rates increased by 4% in Sept, the Energy by 16.8% in August with more increases planned for next year.
    I sure hope the wiring can be fixed soon!

  4. Like you I'm trying to use up the stash I have but Resident Chef twisted my arm into ordering more yarn and who was I to say no?