Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tuesday Tidbits


Just a quick post tonight. It has been a very quiet day. The sun shone, things melted a bit, and I stuck pretty close to home. 

By sticking close to home, I managed to get a few things completed. Not only were all the household chores completed in record time, but I also even managed a bit of work on various projects and baked some pies to use as dessert this week. 

Pinned the centers of the 9-patch blocks which I will quickly sew together tomorrow, and perhaps even get the jean portions finished on a few of them (well at least pinned and ready to sew). I did another strip on the rug and gathered the strips for the next two rows. Some had to be cut a bit more before being able to use them. I am hopeful of getting more than one row done tomorrow. 

I pulled fabric to cut two more patterns out and some of the leftover scraps will be used in the rug. 

I read three chapters of my Bible study and hope to finish that reading tomorrow. 

My finger is feeling much better, though I have to keep a band aid on it so that the cut does not catch on any little thing I am working on. Hopefully tomorrow it will be healed enough to remove. 

No visiting tonight, but I plan on visiting you all early tomorrow morning.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.


  1. Hello Jackie ... I am long overdue catching up on all your posts. I am sorry to read you cut your finger - rotary blade cuts can be horrid things - I have done this before to myself. I hope it heals fast for you Jackie & you can remove the bandaid. Take care xx

  2. I love how industrious you always are. Thanks for sharing your days. xx

  3. So glad your finger is feeling better! It must be, if you've managed to do all that's on your list here.

  4. Good to hear your finger is healing quickly. Girl, you get more done in a day than I manage in a week!
    I need to spend less time on the computer and more time in the craft/sewing room. Perhaps I'd be better at sewing if I did.