Saturday, January 2, 2016

Feeling A Bit Lost

After all the hub bub of the holidays the quietness is getting to me.

Back to cooking for two instead of four is taking a bit of getting used to again. I find myself wanting to pull out more meat than we need. Take last night for instance. I pulled two cans of salmon out of the pantry
and proceeded to make 4 rather large salmon patties. Now the extra patties will not go to waste. We will either have then for another supper or perhaps lunch, but I do regret using more than was necessary.

I no longer have to fight for time with the computer.

I can play on it any time I want to, and the funny thing is it is working perfectly once again without Kris having to do anything to it. Mind you it did start once all on it's own in the middle of the night. Kind of spooky when a person goes into the bathroom to a dark computer and comes out to it flickering back to life. Almost thought we had a ghostly visitor.

I don't even have to fight for the television remote or search for it in the morning!! I found it in the oddest places when the boys were home. Harvey sometimes loses it in the couch cushions, never on the counter beside the door.

I am sure I will get used to our normal life again, but I sure miss having the give and take of more than two people in the house.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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