Friday, January 1, 2016

The Start Of A New Year

It has been quiet around here today. I find myself looking out the front window for Kurt and Kris. They are gone now and won't be home for awhile. Kris will probably be home for some ice fishing later this month. Kurt.....perhaps not until the summer. I am not sure if he plans on traveling this summer or not.

Thought I would share my monthly goals with all of you.

1.     Sew those patterns I cut out last month.

2.     Finish knitting my sweater.

3.     Finish the embroidered quilt.

4.     Work on more quilt blocks.

5.     Download more free books for our trip to Spain and Portugal (the trip over is going to be a long one).

6.     Work on my rug.

7.     Work on knitting some more Monster leggings for the little ones.

8.     I am hoping for twenty no spend days this month (actually would love to hit 22 no spend days).

So there you have it my months goals. I am already working on the first one, and knitting my sweater is the way I spend most of my evenings. I am hoping to finish my sweater very soon.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck on finishing your are so good at this kind of thing. I need to add more goals to my schedule.
    Have a blessed new year....xoxo