Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thrifty Tuesdays

The weeks of January are passing so very quickly, I really do think time is just flying by faster and faster every year.

While today could have been thriftier, I tried my best and that is all that really matters.

Harvey ran out of meds (or had one pill in each script left) and I always want to have enough on hand if we end up storm stayed or unable to leave the house for any reason. I went out and got his prescriptions refilled and because I was out and the car was warm I ended up doing a bit of a grocery shop. I doubt if I will be leaving the house to buy anything else for at least a week (I hope). It is better in my mind and much thriftier to only have to heat the car up once, saves gas, saves time and saves money.

Tonight I have a meeting to attend at the church. I really am not looking forward to it. Lately the meetings seem to stretch on and on with discussions that lead to us doing absolutely nothing. I am tired of the in fighting, of getting spoken down to and just plain not liking what is happening. I know change is inevitable and most times a good thing, but sometimes the "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" stands. I am hoping that things are a bit more peaceful tonight and the meeting goes by quickly.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Hi, Jackie...
    I hate conflicts of any kind...especially at church. :(
    Hoping things work out the way God wants them to.
    Stay warm...

  2. I was just talking to our daughter and we were just saying how fast the month is flying by and she was saying it's only 9 weeks or so until Spring? When you get a group of people together with many different agendas there are always going to be differing opinions. I even find that in the book club.........