Friday, January 15, 2016

Mid Month Update

1.     Sew those patterns I cut out last month.  Managed to get two patterns sewn so far this month.

2.     Finish knitting my sweater.  Done.

3.     Finish the embroidered quilt.  Working on this.

4.     Work on more quilt blocks.  Not even thought about yet. Perhaps once I am in the sewing room next week and finished those easy patterns I have cut out.

5.     Download more free books for our trip to Spain and Portugal (the trip over is going to be a long one).  Done, but I think I may even get a few more downloaded.

6.     Work on my rug.  Not started as of yet.

7.     Work on knitting some more Monster leggings for the little ones.  Yarn gathered but not started.

8.     I am hoping for twenty no spend days this month (actually would love to hit 22 no spend days).  I have reached just over the halfway mark for this one.

Slowly but surely adding items to the donate pile. Right now I have 22 items ready to either be donated or sold on a garage sale site. I am hoping to add to this total by the end of the month.

Probably the most frugal things I have done this week is shop with a list (which is usual) but stuck to said list for the most part. I did buy a few items that were on deep discount to build up my stock.

I also have been staying out of the shops as much as possible this week.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


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