Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cleaning, Disinfecting

I have managed to get all the planned cleaning and disinfecting done here at Kris's. Stew meat is simmering on the stove. Now I am taking a rest before I get to do a bit more straightening of his cupboards and make some pudding for our dessert tonight.

Kris got some good news today. The city is going to let him work from home. Just a few hours a day to begin with, but that makes him very happy. However with the Covid shut down that is happening it could take awhile before the set up of the laptop is complete. To tell the truth I have a feeling everyone will be working from home shortly.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. I suspect you're right - most employers will be looking to find ways to have the employees work from home. After this is all over I'm think it will be the new normal.

    Hope you get a chance to relax a bit too. It sounds like you've been keeping very busy with your son!

  2. That is very good news, I'm sure he's pretty happy about it, getting back to a routine. Oh, I'm sure I would love Ireland, a long time dream. My son was to go with his class to England/Ireland. He was to leave in 10 days, I am heartbroken he cannot go to Ireland.

  3. Glad to hear he is going to be able to work as that helps the day go by so much better!