Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday

It has been a quiet day on the old homestead. I have been busy getting things completed in order to get up to Kris's on Friday (keeping my fingers crossed for good weather).

Thrifty moves for this week have been using items up. Food and non-food items are disappearing from my freezer and stashes.

Instead of buying cards I have been using my Cricut to make cards using up cardstock and paper from my stash.

I completed two infinity scarves from the scraps of leftover knit fabric.

I think they turned out pretty well.

I mended a pair of pants and darned a few socks as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I am using some of my wool stash at the moment to knit up some cat blankets for the Blue Cross animal rescue. It nice to see the stash going down a bit! Our Mother’s Day is towards the end of March, so I’ll be making a card for my Mum. I must also make some general birthday cards too, but that’s when I have time. A commodity which is thin in the ground sometimes! I hope the weather is good on Friday for you :)

  2. I still think it's amazing, that you can concentrate on regular things, when you are in the middle of a stressful situation. Yes, it has become less stressful. But I still admire you!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs....

  3. The scarves are lovely. I have also been having a use it up week. Darned one pair of thick tights and will do another tonight. It is satisfying isn't it.

  4. Very pretty the scarves. We are all it would seem to be of the same mindset, use it up. Did that with some yarn over the last month, made good use of it. Now...I can buy more when I have a project for it. Have a great weekend.

  5. That was a tremendous thrifty move, Jackie!! Infinity scarves are beautiful. You have inspired me to take up the thrifty challenge myself. I am a lazy person, and I am used to filling up my fridge when I am in the mood to cook. So my first thrifty move would be to use up the items inside the refrigerator. Thank you for the idea, Jackie!!

  6. I think the lockdown has made us all thrifty. I also got rid of all the frozen and leftover food from my refrigerator. I've also commenced a DIY project with some wool I found stashed away in my cupboard.