Monday, March 23, 2020

Menu Monday

Ahh, a kind of regular Monday post for a change. Though in this time of hard to find grocery products I hope you will forgive me if things change slightly once in awhile.


A package of leftover ham made into a casserole that hopefully feeds us for a couple of days, and gives a bit more so that I can take a frozen meal up to Kris. Served with salad.


Leftover pork roast to be made into another casserole and another two days of eating from a few slices. Served with the remains of the salad.


Leftovers from Monday along with raw veggies and dip.


Leftovers from Tuesday served with the leftover raw veggies and dip.

Friday and Saturday we will be in Regina to take Kris to the doctor's (though not staying in a hotel, rather in Kris's apartment so I have a feeling we will be heading home on Saturday). I plan on taking at least something to cook on the first night. I figure on pancakes so I will take up what I need to cook those. Then on Saturday we can go through a drive through and pick up a meal after his appointment.


Roast ham, rice, mixed veggies and perhaps a salad of some kind.

Everybody have a wonderful day. 

God bless.


  1. He is so lucky you live close enough to help even though you have to overnight there. We have kids in 3 time zones but we have zoom (online video conferencing) for our business so have decided to try and set up a family zoom conference once a week. It will be good for them and good for us. They can all access easily with their phones. We are being better at zero food waste, it really is so precious now. I am not cooking for leftovers, just what we need that meal unless something like spaghetti sauce which I make a big batch to freeze for.

  2. I'm sure Kris is grateful you and his dad live close enough to be able to assist as he recovers. Glad too, he's able to work from home while he recuperates.

    Have a great week and stay well!