Monday, March 16, 2020

Monday, Monday

So here I am in Regina once again.

Kris is continuing to heal and heal very well. Today I went with him to the laundry room and he managed to get his own laundry done. That is a first. However  tomorrow I will strip his bed and gather the towels and dish stuff to be washed. Right now those items will not fit in his backpack laundry bag.

It will also be clean the apartment time. Floors washed, bathroom cleaned, sinks and counters cleaned, vacuuming and a cupboard cleaned out. I have groceries sitting out that need a place to live.

Tomorrow will also see me heading out at some point to buy him a few more groceries, and he would like me to mail something for him.

Right now we are watching Expanse on Prime,and chilling out with an adult beverage. Lovely way to relax and just be.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God  bless


  1. Good to hear he is healing well. Look after yourself too.

  2. I'm pleased you made it to see Kris and that he is making a good recovery from his surgery. Take care and stay well.

  3. Glad he is making such good progress and that you can get there to be of such support and assistance for him.

  4. Wonderful news that Kris is mending so well. He's got a great mom too!

  5. Wonderful that you could get to him again!!!!! And do all these things, for him!

    Super he could do his own laundry. Bet it makes him feel great. Accomplishment.

    Best of luck!

    Stay wise, clam, safe.
    Turn off the 😱screaming😱 sources.
    Listen to your local County Public Health source.