Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday

This social distancing is making me more aware of what we have and what needs to be done to maintain it.

So in that vein I have been checking buttons and sewing on any that are loose, darning socks, fixing hems, and I even put in a new zipper (something I really hate doing and need more practice at).

I have made a few masks out of pieces of leftover cotton, and used more stash yarn to knit another little baby dress to give as a gift.

I pulled all the turkey carcasses out of my chest freezer and made bone broth today. I got 6 containers after condensing it and a bag of meat to be used in sandwiches and as cat treats (our cat is slightly spoiled). I managed to use some rather wilted celery doing this as well.

Tomorrow I plan on going through my wardrobe at some point and seeing what still fits and what needs to be altered. I have lost more weight through this stressful time (just don't feel like eating much) and making an inventory of pantry and freezers. I want to get the most out of what we already have before running out and buying even more.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I know just what you mean, I have a renewed fondness for some old things, and I'm so glad I didn't Marie Kondo everything!

    Take care.

  2. Much the same here, making the most of what we have before risking going out for more shopping. Stay safe.

  3. I tried to go to the supermarket yesterday. It was a disaster. Both Aldi and Asda had huge queues around the car park with 2m between each customer. I think they were letting one in as one came out. I went home and went to a local small shop instead. I got most of what we needed. Won't be doing that again in a hurry.

  4. Excellent plans!!!

    But I'd wait on altering clothes. Let's hope that when life returns to some sort of more normal... You just may get your appetite back. -smile-

    Stay safe.

  5. They say grief makes you lose your appetite..and I believe we are grieving. I too have lost my appetite and weight. I am sure it will come back but all of this just makes me feel sick to my stomach. Not watching as much news is helping though my sleep patterns are still way out of whack and I am already an insomniac so this period is hard.

  6. I wish I was more like you. I think I'm just going through a "tired" season and with this staying at home, I'm just BLAH. I do what I have to do, to get by. Can't wait till summer and warm weather!

  7. I'm the opposite, I feel like I'm eating my way through this pandemic. If it weren't for the additional exercise I'm getting as I"m painting, I'm pretty sure I'd have put on weight.

    Take care and stay well!