Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Heading Home

In a few hours (after a final tidy up and I think garbage run), I will be on the road home. There to stay until the 27th of this month.

Once home and tucked up safely, I think a few days of just stopping and listening are in order. I have already sent an email saying that this Thursdays Bible Study will more than likely be my last. There are only 2 left after this and the way this session has been set up my help really is not needed.

That day will also be my hopefully last shopping day for a bit. I hope to buy extra milk and freeze it, and before I leave the city today I am going to check and see if there is any bread flour (heck even regular flour would be fine). I may even stop at Indigo and buy a new ereader.

I really do think it is time for us all to hunker down and just be for awhile. It is time for us to kick this virus to the curb and help flatten the curve.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless


  1. I am going to re charge my re reader rather than risk the bus to the library!

  2. YES!!!!

    Finish preparations.

    Get a new tablet, to read on.

    Stay home!

    Thus avoid the (*#%^&*&^%$% people who don't follow logical rules.

    Oh, and keep blogging. Telling good things, happening locally. As well as what ever else you want to say. Geee, I said we had a crock pot meal on, today!!!!! -smile-

    Stay calm,
    With common sense,

  3. Safe journey, if we all stop the transmission of this horrid thing then we HAVE WON!

  4. I agree with you. Today I am going to do a shop (I have to pick up a prescription after a telephone interview with a dr who called it in) for groceries and whatnot. We are also going to home depot to buy some paint/soil/plants/seeds and then time to hunker down.

  5. Safe travels! I agree it's time for all of us to simply just stay put for a couple of weeks. Hopefully things will settle down soon and we'll get to our new normal, whatever that may be.

    Stay well!