Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday Tidbits

Beautiful day, even though we got a slight dusting of snow last night. I have taken my two walks for the day and sewed a few more masks. Not that the masks will give us total protection, but perhaps enough that Harvey will stop worrying when I go out shopping. It is a good thing that I have lots of sewing machines as the one I regularly use seems to have developed a problem. I pulled out the one I use as a portable and it sewed perfectly. I will have to work on the other one to get it working properly again. I did give it a good cleaning, but it is still acting up. 

I made cinnamon buns today. Not the best that I have ever made but at least something sweet to nosh on during this time. I should make some unbaked chocolate cookies, but that is beyond me today for some reason. Still I have lots of baked goodies to take up to Kris's tomorrow, a loaf of rhubarb bread, cinnamon buns, and a loaf of banana nut bread.

Shania, our rather elderly cat, was not at all well yesterday. She had very loose bowels, did not want to eat and meowed piteously most of the day, spending lots of time hiding in her tent and only coming out to use her kitty litter and have the occasional drink of water. Today she has eaten, drank water and moved around the house a great deal. I am hoping that we don't have to make a very hard decision very soon.

I saw my first robin yesterday afternoon. I guess that means spring has arrived. I just hope it stays. The weather this year so far has been nothing but strange. Beautiful above freezing days followed by cold and snow. Mother Nature is as confused and discombobulated as the rest of us right now.

Off to read and then watch a movie on Netflix while knitting that final dishcloth.

Everybody have a wonderful evening (remember social distancing).

God bless.


  1. Your baked goods sound delicious, Jackie, such a treat. I'm finding that I'm not as hungry at the moment but I can always eat something sweet. I'm trying hard to resist! I hope Shania feels a little better today. You really don't need something else to worry over. Stay safe x

  2. Poor kitty, I hope she is feeling better soon.

    Cinnamon buns sound delicious! I made a white cake a couple of days ago, and a caramel sauce to pour over it. It was something that my mom used to make and I guess I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

    Safe travels, take care and stay well!

  3. Is there some way, to consolidate, your "going out"? Do you have any... Order on line, pick up outside store grocery places? Etc.

    One huge thing we have discovered!!!! We used to seem to *have* to go out, nearly every day, for this or for that. And we used to complain about it.

    Voila! All those *necessary* trips, have disappeared! Showing that many of them, were not fully necessary, before.

    Happily, our Dear Daughter in Law next door, gets anything we really need. So we are more lucky than most. But... It has shown, that so much, which we did, was unnecessary. Do not want to forget this, when this is over.

    And it will be....

    🌸Gentle hugs🌸

  4. I think the masks you can sew are better than nothing. I have nothing, just try and stay as far away (further than 6 ft) from everything and try and touch nothing. Yesterday when I went to pick up our grocery order from superstore there was a massive line to go in as they were limiting people - I am so glad I got that order in. I am good and Mom is too for 30 days now. I may have to get bread and milk from our small nearby grocery store but I got most of what was on my list. Yes, most trips are not necessary except for mental health as we here did due to working from home.