Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Ramblings

I am home once again and hope to be able to head back up to help Kris out by the 15th or 16th. We shall see what happens.

The drive home was okay, I have driven on worse roads (though at the time I was at least 10 years younger). The curves in the highway were quite slushy and there were areas that snow was covering quite deeply. I believe it was more from the actions of the wind than real snowfall. I just am glad that I came home during the day, as I am pretty sure that as the sun went down and the temperature dropped the roads became very icy.

Kris slept well (at least that is what he told me) last night. We both had a cup of Sleepytime tea and he took his herbal melatonin. He seemed contented over how much sleep he got at any rate. 

I did a quick clean of one of the shelves in the cupboard over his countertop dishwasher and now his kettle resides in there. The next time I go I plan on cleaning the other two shelves and getting a few more of the appliances on top of his cupboards rehomed so he can reach them.

Harvey decided that he is going to come with me on the 28th of this month for Kris's next appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. He has already told me to reserve a hotel room for the night of the 27th. 

Funny story, but I woke up at one point of the night and was patting the futon wondering why he was not in bed yet. Took me awhile to realize that I was not at home and Harvey was more than likely in our bed here at home.

I am hoping to get some sewing done this week and I have an idea for the next pair of pants I plan on making.... Hopefully some embroidery around the bottom of the legs, it will just take a bit of thinking and planning on my part.

While I did not get to attend Mass today, I followed the Lenten devotion by Tim Gray on the Transfiguration of Christ. Very interesting and it is really making me think. I am loving this Lenten program.

I am off to have a lovely soak in our tub. Heck I may even turn on the jets.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. I will visit those I missed today, tomorrow.

God bless.


  1. It sounds like he is making steady progress with healing. He is very fortunate to have you to help out.

  2. Glad you made it home safely. It would seem that Kris is mending, slowly but surely. As Juhli has said, he's fortunate to have his mom (and dad) close by.

  3. Such a good report! Very happy for him, and for you.

    Yes, place items where he can easily get them. We all ought to think of doing this, more often. -smile-