Friday, March 20, 2020

Frugal Friday

So here we are with another addition of Frugal Friday. Though I am a bit concerned over how unfrugal the past few weeks have been. Hopefully from now until we go up to the city I can tighten the belt a bit.

1.  Got free bananas from a friend. She does not bake and did not want them to go to waste, so gave them to me as she knows I make banana bread.

2.  Doing lots of walking outdoors while the weather is nice, remembering social distancing.

3.  Continuing to use up stash wool knitting things for gifts and for us. Next on the list after this second dress is some more dishcloths for Kris as those seem to be in short supply for him.

4.  Found a couple of patterns for masks and will sew a few to make Harvey feel more at ease.

5.  Stretching food as far as I possibly can. A spaghetti and meat sauce dinner that I made a little while ago has stretched to feed us three times and given Harvey a lunch.

6.  Pulled out some leftover cotton flannelette and am making some wipes (just in case). Pictures to follow tomorrow.

7.  Streaming series and watching them on the television while I knit.

So even while I have been spending like a mad woman there are still frugal things happening on the old homestead. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Lovely to hear about people being busy! Carrying on in these awful times.

  2. It certainly is an expensive time at the moment, isn't it Jackie. It must settle down soon. Crazy times....
    Stay safe x

  3. I kind of spent like a madwoman too this week expecting a lockdown stocked up on 30 days worth of dog food/human food/things we absolutely needed or will appreciate. I'm glad I did, I feel better although my chequing account doesn't feel great right now there will be almost no spending other than regular monthly bills from here on out for a while. Hairdresser shut - saved $140 and cut myself this morning, grey hairs will reign for a while, dog groomer shut, $50 saved so while there are other large bills (15 lbs of dog food for my 15 lb dog which is a 5 month supply) there will be much lower overall bills in the coming months hopefully. Walks are good, I am trying to move myself and the dog out of the way when I see someone coming. My dog doesn't understand that though :)

  4. Travelling back and forth definitely would affect the pocketbook. The city has declared a state of emergency so most businesses will be closed for the foreseeable future. Unless it's groceries or cat food, I know my spending will be in check.

    Take care and stay well!

  5. You've been very busy. Try the o/n sourdough.It only makes one loaf at a time, but it's a good bread, not much rise, really crunchy crust. No sugar, no oil. I have starter granules, I on occasion make sourdough the real way. But I'm so bad at taking care of it. We are in "shelter in place" now. No matter to me, I don't frequent out that much other than to shop, and we don't need one thing. I hope you visit with Kate, she quilts and sews so you should have alot to see. Take care stay well. I saw heart in my neighborhood, it hasn't caught on here I guess.