Wednesday, November 10, 2021

And Winter Will Arrive

 I don't want to admit this, but winter is supposed to arrive sometime this evening or overnight. We won't be getting as much snow as some areas of Saskatchewan, and hopefully it won't stick around for long, giving us a few more days or weeks of cold but not white days.

My back still feels a bit funny, but is getting a bit better as this day has progressed. I am thinking that I will message the other leaders and tell them I won't be there tomorrow. I would like to give it one more day of not sitting for extended periods of time. At least at home I can get up and walk for a bit when the aching begins.

I did manage to do a bit of cleaning in the basement to help Harvey clean out one section. This is the section where my totes of yarn are stored.... I did manage to empty one tote and now I am down to 7 totes instead of 8. This storage does not include some plastic storage drawers up in my sewing/craft room, that also are full of yarn. I think I might have turned into my mother as she had bags and bags of yarn, which of course as the only knitter in the family I inherited. I always say no more yarn purchases, but this time I really think I need to stick to that. But on the good side, at least one tote was emptied.

Still using things up and enjoying the empty places in the fridge and freezers. I was going to make turkey veg soup tonight, but ended up using up more of the leftover roast beef making Beef Veg soup. I have three containers cooling on the counter and will be putting them in the freezer soon. Plan on making the Turkey soup tomorrow and using up the turkey legs as well as stock. More ready meals in the freezer. And if the weather is miserable I can at least enjoy the smell of homemade soup.

Well off to do some more knitting. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. It can be hard to clean out the fridge and freezer when you have leftovers from another dish. Staying on top of them really helps me out. Your soup sounds good and comforting on with the cold weather coming. Stay safe and warm.

  2. Mmmmm.... I have more yarn than I care to admit but I'm actually not buying any more. We use up bits making soups too and they are delicious.

  3. I can certainly do without the 's' word for a lot longer yet but I think it's on the way here too. By all reports it's supposed to be a hard winter and I'm oh so hopeful they're wrong. Methinks there will be lots of soups in this house too.

  4. It's definitely the right weather for soup. I was thinking I'd put a pot on the stove this morning.

    My yarn stash is starting to go down, though there is still a lot of projects to work on. So far, I've avoided the temptation of buying more.

    We got about 2-3 inches overnight and it is snowing here this morning. I suspect I'll be out shovelling the driveway later today. Yuck! But at least it is good aerobic exercise.

  5. I love making soup, especially at this time of year.

  6. I'm with you regarding back pain, Jackie, my back is killing me at the moment although I have no idea what has triggered it. Well done on starting to sort your yarn stash, it's something I need to do too to make more room. So glad we will not have the white stuff for a while. I need to fill the new freezer first!